Kevin Bacon Shares Thoughts On Tom Hanks After Trading Emails Post Coronavirus Diagnosis

Tom Hanks And Kevin Bacon Looking Intently In Apollo 13

Apollo 13 co-stars Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon have been swapping emails since the former revealed he was diagnosed with Coronavirus. That’s not a surprise given the two are reportedly pretty close. For Bacon, the unfortunate medical news has apparently given him a chance to take a step back and really appreciate his friend, both for the man he normally is and for how he’s handled his diagnosis.

Speaking in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kevin Bacon said Hanks is an “incredible actor” and a “great man.” He also predicted and rightly so, that we would soon see a wave of other famous faces getting diagnosed. Here’s a portion of his quote…

We have exchanged emails and they are very much in my thoughts. Crazy about the guy. He is not just an incredible actor, but a real great man, and Rita as well. I think it was interesting how somebody that is so beloved was so early [diagnosed]. I think now we are at a place where we are going to [hear about] a lot of people that are well known [getting coronavirus].

At this point, we all agree Tom Hanks is great. I can’t imagine many people in the United States with higher approval ratings than he has. Because of that, it’s not surprising to hear another one of his friends and co-stars came out and say he’s a great dude. What is, perhaps, more interesting, however, is what Bacon went on to say.

Following that initial quote, the Footloose actor said it was a “beautiful” move for Hanks to be so open about his Covid-19 diagnosis, and you know, that’s actually a great point. He was one of the first famous American citizens to acknowledge what was happening to him, and for many in the general public, it was the first moment (along with the NBA season getting cancelled) they sat up and really put a face to the disease. Here’s more of Bacon’s quote…

But the way that he came right out with it, which by the way I don't think he needed to do, but he said, 'This is a real thing,' and he also said, 'We are going to be OK,' was very powerful and beautiful move on his part," he continued. "I'm thinking about him everyday.

I think with Tom Hanks, more than anything else, it’s the tone at which he addresses things. He always has a great sense for how seriously to take moments. With his coronavirus diagnosis, it was very direct and to the point. He shared what happened, made it clear he was going to follow the rules and said he and wife Rita Wilson will take it one day at a time. Just the ideal message everyone should follow.

As for how Hanks is doing right now, it’s a bit unclear. He’s reportedly been released from the hospital, but his sister recently indicated it has been a struggle. Our thoughts go out to Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. There would be no one better to serve as a Covid-19 spokesman. Here’s to hoping he recovers and does exactly that.

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