Watch The Amazing Tom Hanks Career Montage From The Golden Globes

Tom Hanks a league of their own

Tom Hanks has had one hell of a career, going from his work in the world of sitcoms to becoming one of the world's most beloved dramatic actors. Because of this, it was absolutely fitting that he was the recipient of the Cecil B. DeMille award at the Golden Globes Awards this evening – and not only did the Hollywood Foreign Press Association give the actor a trophy, but they also cut together a rather fantastic montage.

You can check out the video looking back at Tom Hanks' career from the Golden Globes by clicking play on the video in the Tweet below:

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You are definitely not alone if you are openly weeping right now, as Tom Hanks' body of work is truly an emotional thing to behold in the span of just three minutes and 45 seconds. The man is always so incredibly honest in his performances that you can't help but empathize with him, and that special relationship forged over the last 40 years has resulted in some tremendous work on both the big and small screens.

A lot of the big titles from Tom Hanks' career are captioned on screen during the montage, but not all of them. Including those that didn't have their names pop up, here is the list of films I was able to put together based on my viewing – but it's entirely possible that I missed two or three:

The Love Boat, Big, Saving Mr. Banks, Forrest Gump, Turner & Hooch, Bachelor Party, The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, Splash, Sleepless In Seattle, Volunteers, A League Of Their Own, Apollo 13, Toy Story, Catch Me If You Can, The Burbs, The Money Pit, Cast Away, Captain Phillips, Bosom Buddies, Philadelphia, Saving Private Ryan, Bridge Of Spies, The Post, The Green Mile, The Polar Express, Sully, The Terminal, Road To Perdition, Larry Crowne, That Thing You Do, The Ladykillers, A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Admittedly not all of these are incredible films that will forever stand-up as timeless works of art, but there are a shocking number of titles on that list that actually can be described that way. Tom Hanks really is one of the greatest actors to ever work in cinema, and the fact that he is able to bring a new energy to every part he plays in a diverse filmography has stunned, and will continue to stun every single time he has something new coming to theaters.

Speaking of which, Tom Hanks has some very interesting stuff coming up in 2020, with three films scheduled to arrive between now and the end of December. He is returning to World War II as the lead and co-writer of Aaron Schneider's Greyhound; surviving as the last man on earth in Miguel Sapochnik's sci-fi drama BIOS; and helping a young kidnapped girl in Paul Greengrass' western News Of The World.

We're anticipating all of those titles very much, so stick with us here on CinemaBlend throughout 2020 as we look forward to a whole lot of great film from Tom Hanks and more!

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