Joe Rogan Has Some Blunt Thoughts About Gal Gadot's Viral Imagine Video

Wonder Woman 1984 Diana running in DC

Recently, a collection of celebrities led by Wonder Woman 1984 star Gal Gadot recorded a group sing-along of John Lennon’s “Imagine” as a way of attempting to brighten the world’s spirits. While there’s no shortage of videos similar to this one roaming the internet in an attempt to alleviate the stress the COVID-19 pandemic is adding to everyday life, not everyone was feeling this particular video. However, if you want some of the bluntest thoughts surrounding the incident, actor/podcaster Joe Rogan has thrown some pretty hot takes into the open.

For starters, Rogan set the playing field with his general feelings on this particular video with the following remark:

This is not the time, when everyone's granny is dying, you fucking idiot, to sing, ‘Imagine there's no heaven.’ It's such a dumb move.

This reaction, blunt as it may be, sounds pretty in line with what some of the public has been saying about the star-studded clip reel, which includes other notable personalities like Kristen Wiig, Jamie Dornan and Armie Hammer. But while Joe Rogan hits hard and fast above, he did provide more details on why he feels that way in particular.

His discussion on the most recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast continued with the following background into Rogan’s feelings:

If I'm friends with her … I would have to say, ‘Listen, you're awesome. I think you're great. But that is a ridiculous idea.’ It is so lacking in self-awareness and so ridiculous. I mean, Granny died choking on her own vomit, but I feel like the world's better because Gal Gadot's so pretty. There are some people who get real self-indulgent and real self-righteous with that social media. It's exposed a lot of celebrities for being real dorks.

Best known for his role in the NBC sitcom Newsradio, as well as his previous hosting duties on the game show Fear Factor, Joe Rogan is no stranger to getting other people to speak their own minds on his podcast. And as fleshed out by that second quote, you can see that Rogan’s opinion is based in the same school of thought most people have been speaking from when reacting to this “Imagine” cover.

There are a lot of controversial statements, stances and takes when it comes to the coronavirus crisis, and just as many counterpoints to match them. But what’s important to keep in mind that no matter what you think, the best course of action is to stay inside, take precautions and maybe step away from the internet every so often, if only to clear your head.

Wonder Woman 1984 will now be seen in theaters on August 14, with The Joe Rogan Experience dropping new episodes frequently.

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