Knives Out Was A Jeopardy Question, See Rian Johnson's Reaction

The Knives Out cast

Most filmmakers probably have a bucket list of achievements. Win an Oscar. Break a box office record. Receive a review from a prominent critic. And if you are Rian Johnson, director of a Star Wars sequel and two of the best Breaking Bad episodes, one of those highlights appears to be, “Getting one of your movies on Jeopardy as an answer!”

Rian Johnson’s latest movie, Knives Out, was wildly successful. It was a critical darling, that also posted impressive box-office numbers. All of that seems secondary to Johnson’s reaction to seeing Knives Out be an answer on the popular game show.

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It’s great that Rian Johnson remembers to phrase his excitement in the form of a question. Very on brand for Jeopardy. The comments beneath Johnson’s Tweet show that his fanbase also appreciates the Jeopardy love. Many stating that he’s finally “made it,” or that this somehow makes him a king. Dude, he directed a freaking Star Wars movie! Oh yeah, Star Wars trolls also had to get in there and ruin Johnson’s fun, but we’re not going to give them the time of day.

Also, there’s something called the Knives Out Nation?

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That group will be very happy to hear that Rian Johnson plans to continue playing in the Knives Out sandbox, though we can expect a lot of changes when he returns for a sequel. Mainly, he’s starting over with virtually an entirely new cast… all except for his main detective, and the subject of the Jeopardy answer, Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig).

The plan, at the moment, is for Rian Johnson to construct a new mystery for Daniel Craig’s Blanc to investigate, surrounding him with all new all-star suspects. Which sounds delightful. It would make sense for Johnson to change the location, Agatha Christie style, and plunge Blanc into an uncomfortable scenario so he can better solve a deadly crime. But we’ll see what he puts together, in due time.

Want to hear Rian Johnson talking about Knives Out on our ReelBlend podcast? Of course you do! Press play on this one.

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And then continue to wait patiently for the Knives Out follow up, though it might not arrive for years.

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