First Look At Dune Features Timothee Chalamet In Denis Villeneuve’s Remake


Dune is one of those books that some would argue simply doesn't make the transition from page to screen well. It's been tried before, and, while previous adaptations have their fans, they've largely been felt lacking. The scope of Frank Herbert's novel is so large, the depth of it so great, that it certainly seems like doing all of it justice would be a herculean task. And now Hollywood is going to take one more shot.

Denis Villeneuve, the man behind Arrival and another major attempt to bring a back a cult sci-fi project, Blade Runner 2049, has been working on Dune for several years, and now, we're one step closer to seeing, it. The first still image of the new Dune is here via Vanity Fair, showing Timothée Chalamet, as Paul Atreides, standing on a beach.

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Certainly, the image is pretty simple. No massive worms or other iconic Dune creatures on display, but for fans who have been looking forward to this film for years, even seeing this single picture means a lot. The movie is coming, and that's what matters. And anyway, who doesn't like a good image of Timothée Chalamet looking broody?

The idea of taking another shot at a theatrical adaptation of Dune have been around almost ever since the last one was completed. David Lynch's 1984 adaptation was a massive undertaking that David Lynch doesn't even like talking about anymore. The movie was something of a disappointment at the box office, and even the theatrical version doesn't appear to have been the film Lynch wanted to make, with it having been edited down from a three hour film by others.

Since then, fans of Dune have wanted to see a "proper" version of the popular book. Director Denis Villeneuve may have found at least a partial solution, in the fact that this movie will only tell half the story, and is the first in what is planned to be two films. This will likely help solve part of the problem, by simply giving the story more time to unfold.

Denis Villeneuve has also assembled an impressive cast to bring Dune to life. In addition to Timothée Chalamet, the film co-stars Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem, Rebecca Ferguson, and more.

At this point, Dune is still set to hit screens in December of this year. Most of the end of the year films have not seen their release dates shifted due to the massive theater closures. If things continue forward on the schedule that has been rearranged by the studios, then Dune will likely be safe. If, however, additional delays are needed, those fans who have been waiting for years for Dune may need to wait even longer.

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