Dwayne Johnson Shares Advice On How To Not Destroy Your Relationship During Self-Isolation

Dwayne Johnson in Skyscraper

In his professional life, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson cracks skulls and takes names on a daily basis, playing action hero roles in everything from Jumanji to Fast and Furious. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his own personal challenges and struggles.

Since he likes to connect with his fans, sometimes Dwayne Johnson answers their questions the best he knows how, with a smile and some sage advice. Recently, he took to social media to answer a question about how to have a healthy marriage in self-isolation. Johnson recommended working on communication, saying:

I at one time was the shits at communicating, but I got a lot better at it because there’s real power and value in communicating, especially being really direct in your feelings. Now’s the time to do that.

No married couple wants their marriage to go downhill. So, it’s refreshing to hear some of Dwayne Johnson’s personal struggles and advice, especially from an actor that plays stone-cold characters.

His eight-minute video on Instagram goes into further detail about his own marriage and the trials he and his wife have faced. He said they can get snippy with each other and arguments can escalate in an instant. In those moments, he recommended taking a short break before coming back and trying to reconnect with a joke and better communication.

If you need to walk away, if you need to walk alone, if you need some alone time, music time, meditate time, if you need to get a little physical outside…I would recommend you do that.

Physical exercise is one way to burn off some steam and get centered. Unfortunately, if you want exercise tips from Dwayne Johnson, he’s not sharing his own routine, saying he wants to be sensitive to others. However, that hasn’t stopped Chris Hemsworth from posting his own workout routine on social media. So, start taking notes!

If you were wondering if Dwayne Johnson has any upcoming projects in the works, you can rest assured that he’s a busy man, with plenty on his plate. From Disney’s anticipated Jungle Cruise to Red Notice, you can’t really stop Dwayne Johnson from working. The man is a workhorse.

He’s also slated to be in his own superhero movie titled Black Adam, a popular comic book villain of Shazam! Originally, he was going to just be the villain in a Shazam movie, but let’s be honest, The Rock is too big to be contained. So, he's getting his own movie, instead.

I don't know about you, but I can relate to Dwayne Johnson's statements on the difficulties and challenges of marriage in self-isolation. It’s easy to get snippy with your partner or loved ones with so much pressure and stress around you. I know I’ll definitely be trying harder to practice communication and listening.

Jason Ingolfsland