Why The Rock Isn't Sharing His Workout Routine During Quarantine

Dr. Xander Bravestone (The Rock) looks shocked at the size of his bicep as he flexes it in 'Jumanji:

At this point, as long as you’re abiding by the basic tenants of the law, no one should be judging how you’re spending your time in COVID-19 quarantine. And hopefully it brings you some comfort to know that The Rock definitely isn’t judging you right now. In fact, he’s purposely not sharing his own quarantine workout routine, just to help you feel a little bit less bad about your own social distancing habits.

Like many other celebrities, The Rock is currently using social media to give fans around the world a bit of a morale boost. On Instagram, he’s been answering fans questions about everything from his Wrestlemania days to his upcoming movie roles. And because he is The Rock, he’s answering a lot of those questions from the comfort of his personal gym, where he’s clearly spending a lot of his time.

But in a recent video, he actually went out of his way to say that he’s purposely not posting any clips of his personal quarantine workout regime, because he’s trying to be sensitive to what others are going through right now. In the 20 minute long video, he talks about why he made that choice:

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At one point in the video, he says he definitely doesn’t want to be:

the asshole who’s saying, ‘Hey guys, look at me, look at the great work outs I’m having. Look at this place, the iron paradise, wow I feel great. 280 lbs and I feel good, huh. How about you guys, I mean be creative in your house!’ No, no. I definitely don’t want to do that. Again maybe I’m oversensitive and that’s OK. I am who I am. I am empathetic and I know that millions and millions and millions of you around the world it’s killing you not to be able to go to a gym… you can only do so much shit in your house and be creative before it drives you batshit crazy. I completely understand that and the last thing I want to do is show you [my gym workout].

Good for him for being so aware of others’ struggles right now. It says a lot about The Rock that he’s aware of the privilege he currently has -- because there have definitely been a few other celebrities that have been called out for their tone deaf response to the COVID-19 crisis. On the other hand, it seems like The Rock has really found a way to strike a balance between staying true to himself and his brand without coming across as insensitive.

It’s not a bad idea to remember that for everyone, including the stars we follow, this is an entirely new and scary experience. It’s hard to know the right thing to say or do -- and we’re not always going to get it right. But The Rock has set a great example for how to reach out and be there for fans during these uncertain times.

Katherine Webb