Josh Gad Explains Why He Reunited The Goonies Cast

The Goonies cast looking up from their hiding place with concern

Earlier this week, Frozen and Artemis Fowl actor Josh Gad scored some pop culture gold as through his powers as a consummate showman  (and a holder of a Zoom account) he brought the cast of The Goonies back together for a trip down memory lane. Bringing the world a dose of joy and memories that they could sorely use, this wasn’t some random occurrence, but a plan that formed thanks to a recent re-watch of the classic Richard Donner adventure caper.

During an interview with ET, the actor explained just what started his journey to bringing the rag tag group of Goonies actors, including Corey Feldman and Sean Astin, back together for the Zoom interview of a lifetime:

I've been doing a lot of revisiting of movies that were so important to me during my childhood. I've watched the pure joy on my children's faces as I've shown them those very movies that influenced my life. One night we were watching The Goonies, and it's always been a dream of mine to reunite that cast. I sort of just decided on a whim that I'm gonna do this, and I started reaching out individually, one by one.

As if reading to children and reprising his role as Frozen II’s Olaf didn’t spread enough Josh Gad styled joy into the world, this Goonies reunion was something rather exciting and informative. Even Steven Spielberg himself participated in this fateful Zoom call, specifically contributing the knowledge of why exactly Goonies II never happened.

It all started thanks to a chain of conversations that Gad had, which he described in narrative detail below:

I started with Jeff Cohen, who plays Chunk, and he said yes. Then Sean Astin, who played Mikey, he said yes. One by one, they all said yes. From there, everybody just wanted to be a part of it, and it was remarkable. I don't think they realized just how much joy it would bring until they actually shot it. They too are seeing the result, it's tremendous.

Sometimes, the most joyful moments in the world come from the most unexpected places. With the world waiting for the current age of quarantine and social distancing to come to an end, comforting content such as Josh Gad and The Goonies crew digging into history is something that everyone can enjoy as pure entertainment treasure.

Of course, now we’re wondering just who Gad might pull for an encore, considering you don’t design a rad opening sequence and theme song like the one for Reunited Apart without an intent to use it more than once. If you’re interested in seeing the entire Goonies reunion that Josh Gad put together for yourself, take a look at the video below:

Meanwhile, Josh Gad will next be seen in the new Apple TV+ show Central Park, as it debuts on their platform May 29th, as well as Disney’s Artemis Fowl, which is set to debut June 12th on Disney+.

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