Way More People Than You'd Think Love Age Of Ultron

James Spader as Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has more than managed to strike a chord with audiences over the past decade or so, not all of the films in the franchise are widely beloved. This includes the controversial Avengers: Age of Ultron, which was viewed by many as lackluster compared to its predecessor. Nevertheless, there are those who love the film, and they’re now making it known across social media.

Age of Ultron defenders are assembling online to declare just how much they enjoy the second installment in the team-up film series. While it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly how the campaign started, this particular post seems to have been a catalyst:

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Many have chastised the Joss Whedon-helmed feature for its notable flaws, yet there are still elements that seem to appeal to a swath of fans. This includes the opening fight sequence, which gives Earth’s Mightiest Heroes a splash page-like entrance:

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Aside from the action, there are a few specific character moments that are also being brought up. One fan was quick to give the movie props for the heated discussion between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark at the Barton residence:

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One of the most controversial aspects of the movie was the depiction of the titular villain, who was transformed from a cold and calculating machine into a witty (and sometimes pouty) figure. Still, one fan has a pretty bold take when it comes to Ultron:

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Although it only now seems like fans are coming to Age of Ultron’s defense, there were many who enjoyed the film after seeing it for the first time five years ago. This has led some to shut down some of these new voices:

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While it may not be the horrible film that some make it out to be, Avengers: Age of Ultron is far from one of the MCU’s best installments. Sure, it has a few nice character moments, like Stark and Rogers’ convo and the one between Vision and Ultron. There’s also more than enough action and a few nice jokes.

Despite this, the film tells a messy story that doesn’t always know how to effectively service its numerous characters. This lack of a clear direction also leads to a few plot points that feel somewhat awkward, particularly the sequence with Thor and Erik Selvig in the cave. In hindsight, it does serve as a solid segue into the events of Infinity War and Endgame but, in Ultron, the execution is uneven. Admittedly, this is probably due to the studio interference Whedon experienced with certain plot points.

The surplus of jokes and the romance between Natasha Romanoff and Bruce Banner should go unsaid, but Whedon’s update of Ultron is worth noting. The writer/director did try to add some humanity to the iconic villain and James Spader was perfectly cast, but it’s sometimes hard to take this version seriously when he’s making off-collar jokes. And let’s be honest, Thanos is far more intimidating and complex in his personality and motivation than Ultron was.

Avengers: Age of Ultron certainly isn’t the worst MCU film, but it isn’t the most underrated. That title may go to a film like Captain America: The First Avenger or Doctor Strange. Still, it’s nice to see that fans are bonding over their positive thoughts about the movie.

If you want to check out the film again to see how it holds up, you can stream it now on Disney+, and be sure to give us your thoughts in the poll below.

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