Kevin Smith Is Already In Love With One Mallrats 2 Scene


Kevin Smith recently revealed that he had completed the script for a sequel to his cult favorite Mallrats, and while it's anybody's guess at this point when we might actually see the film, the new movie already has one huge fan in Kevin Smith himself. The writer and director admits that there's one particular scene written into the screenplay that he's particularly proud of having written. Interestingly, it's a scene that apparently includes Stan Lee.

While Kevin Smith is unsurprisingly vague, he tells that there's a "Stan Lee scene" in Twilight of the Mallrats, and he thinks the way he put it together, with Stan Lee no longer being with us, is particularly clever. According to Smith...

We have a Stan Lee scene. Obviously, Stan Lee won't be in it because Stan's passed, but same Brodie Bruce and Stan plays a big part of it. So there's a, as a writer, like you know my daughter hates how into myself and my writing I am but sometimes as a writer I'm like 'oh that was clever, that's clever' and stuff like where you want to share it with people but you're like 'I'll wait until I can give it to everybody at once' but the Stan Lee scene in Twilight of the Mallrats is one of those moments that I consider like 'oh that's clever' and even if I wasn't me and I just liked my movies I would be like 'that's a good, what a good, what a way to do it, man

In the original Mallrats, Jason Lee's Brodie gets dumped by his girlfriend and is feeling sorry for himself when he runs into Stan Lee, who inspires him. The scene was referenced in Stan Lee's Captain Marvel cameo, where Lee can be seen on a train practicing his lines for the scene.

While Kevin Smith didn't go into any specifics of the scene and what it entails, he did explain that in Twilight of the Mallrats, Brodie still looks back on the day he met Stan Lee as the best day of his life. He still talks about it. So the events of the first movie in general, and Stan Lee's presence specifically, will apparently still be a big influence on the events of the sequel.

It's interesting to consider just how Twilight of the Mallrats might use Stan Lee in the movie. In the original film Lee was playing himself, and so, knowing that the movie is set to take place in the modern day, one assumes that means Lee's death will be acknowledged in the movie. If nothing else it sets up for a potentially nice tribute, though it certainly sounds from Kevin Smith's comments that he has something more planned.

We'll have to wait and see just how clever this scene really is. With film products in shutdown we have no idea when we'll actually see the Mallrats sequel.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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