Disney Lets Go Of Frozen On Broadway As Shows Close Despite Solid Runs

Frozen Elsa crying in her ice castle

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If you had tickets to go see Disney’s Frozen on Broadway, we’re afraid we’ve got some rather sad news. You’ll have to let those seats go, as you and everyone else who had plans to see Anna and Elsa on the Great White Way are about to get refunds thanks to the show officially posting its closing notice.

The official Twitter page for Frozen the Musical broke the news to the world in this heartfelt post:

Frozen’s musical incarnation started its Broadway run in previews on February 22, 2018, with the official opening night coming a month later. With 851 performances, over $150 million in box office revenue grossed and more than a million audience members served, the show’s last performance went up on March 11. But, naturally, the current health crisis caused the closure of non-essential businesses, including entertainment venues.

That mass closure has sealed the fates of shows both currently opened and running, like the musical adaptation of Beetlejuice, or those that were looking to make it out of previews, such as writer/director Martin McDonaugh’s latest show Hangmen. Though unlike some of these other shows, Frozen still has a pretty bright future ahead of it when the world starts up again, which could be a bright spot in the midst of the Walt Disney Company's current financial woes.

As mentioned in the next message down from their closing farewell, Frozen the Musical is still planning on touring throughout North America. Not to mention, its engagements in Sydney, London, Hamburg, and Tokyo are still on the books, continuing the beautiful tradition of Elsas of different languages letting it go on stage every night.

It’s sad when a show like Frozen closes on Broadway, especially when much like Beetlejuice’s musical adaptation, the sales were doing rather well. Plus, two crucial leads in the show’s cast had just changed over this year, including Legends of Tomorrow alum Ciara Renée taking over the lead role of Elsa this past February.

So if you were doubly set on hearing Hawkgirl belting songs like the show exclusive number “Monster,” we’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news. However, if it helps any, you can hear that song from the original Broadway Elsa, Cassie Levy, below:

Frozen isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, especially with Disney+ now running both the 2013 original and its 2019 sequel for anyone who wants to return to Arendelle. Though as any stage fan will tell you, there’s just something special about seeing a story such as this played out on the living stage. So for those of you who didn’t make it to see Frozen the Musical, or those who loved it so much they wished they could have seen it again, we’re sorry to see your hearts melt today.

But if you’re in a Frozen mood, and want to catch either of those films, or the animated shorts that spun off from their frozen frolics, you can check out a free 7-day trial of Disney+.

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