Henry Cavill Could Play Superman Again, And The Internet Can’t Get Enough

Henry Cavill in Justice League

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This week has been an absolutely wild one for the DC Extended Universe. Because after years of fan campaigning and crowdfunding, The Snyder Cut of the Justice League will finally become a reality on the recently launched streaming service HBO Max sometime in 2021. As if that wasn't exciting enough, it was also revealed that Henry Cavill is in talks to finally return to the role of Superman for the first time since Justice League hit theaters. This news essentially broke the internet, and the response on social media has been A+.

When Justice League arrived in theaters in 2017, it was vastly different from Zack Snyder's original vision. Ultimately the ill-fated blockbuster failed to connect with audiences and was a box office disappointment, bringing the DCEU's plans to a halt in the process. While Henry Cavill previously expressed interest in playing the Man of Steel for a fourth time, it was only recently revealed that those talks are actually happening. And the fandom is super excited. This includes Suicide Squad David Ayer, who expressed his approval or Cavill playing Superman once again. Check it out below.

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In the years since Suicide Squad's release David Ayer has been open about the DCEU, and exactly what went wrong with his villain-centric blockbuster. But he doesn't appear to have hurt feelings over what went down, and is clearly still invested in the future of the shared universe. This includes Henry Cavill's return as Clark Kent/Superman.

Plenty of film fans took to social media to share their thoughts about Henry Cavill's possible return to the DCEU, whether that be in another Man of Steel movie or another project. In many ways Cavill is mirroring his character's arc from Justice League, which saw Superman rise from the dead in the nick of time. One fan made this connection, referencing a specific line uttered by Jeremy Irons' Alfred. Check it out below.

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Fans are obviously excited to see Henry Cavill play Superman again, especially since his fate in the DCEU was a mystery for so long. Of course, there's no indication as to which project the Mission: Impossible - Fallout star might sign on to do. The most obvious choice is a Man of Steel sequel, although another director might be needed to continue that particular project, especially with Zack Snyder so busy working on his Snyder Cut for the foreseeable future.

Justice League's Snyder Cut will be available solely on HBO Max sometime in 2021. You can use this link to sign up for the new streaming service.

It'll be interesting to see what type of performance Henry Cavill could bring to his future DCEU appearance, especially if he works with a new director. Zack Snyder helmed all three of Cavill's appearances as Superman so far, and he made some liberal changes to the character. One DC fan is hoping that another filmmaker brings the character's sense of hope to the screen, rather than the grim tone of Snyder's movies.

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A Man of Steel sequel seems like the most logical place to bring Henry Cavill back as Superman, especially as the DC Extended Universe has pulled back on crossover-heavy projects over the last few years. If Warner Bros. puts that movie into active development, it should be interesting to see which comic book foe ends up doing battle with Kal-El. Luckily the fans have plenty of ideas in this regard. Check it out below.

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Braniac is one the most iconic Superman villains of all time, and he's already been translated to video games, cartoons, and the small screen before. But he's yet to be adapted for film, with Man of Steel's possible sequel providing the perfect opportunity. Of course, he's not the only character pairing that fans are hoping for now that Henry Cavill is expected to return to the DCEU.

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Shazam and Black Adam are two DC characters who can actually keep up with Superman in regards to abilities and raw power. Shazam! introduced Zachary Levi's hero to audiences and was a great success, while Dwayne Johnson will play Black Adam in his own solo flick sometime in the future. Now that Henry Cavill is going to suit back up, it seems like a logical choice to pair Superman with those two powerhouses.

Of course, there are plenty of hilarious memes and social media posts that accompanied the news of Henry Cavill's possible return to Superman and the DC Extended Universe. Check out one such post below, which pokes fun at Cavill's return and the hopes of Ben Affleck following suit as Batman.

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Of course, there's been no indication that Ben Affleck is returning to the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. The DCEU already has a new Dark Knight in the form of Robert Pattinson, who is starring in Matt Reeves' The Batman. But Affleck might be required to do some ADR for Justice League's Snyder Cut, so technically he would be back as Batman-- albeit briefly.

CinemaBlend will keep you updated on all things Henry Cavill and Superman as details become public. The next installment in the DCEU is Wonder Woman 1984 on August 14th. In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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