Apparently David Spade Hangs Out On Zoom With Adam Sandler, Tom Hanks, Dave Chappelle And More

Adam Sandler, Tom Hanks And David Spade hang out on Zoom calls together?

Clearly a lot of unanticipated changes have happened across the world over the last few months. Hollywood has not been immune to work shutting down for a while, but one of the unintended side effects of this is that celebrities have had a lot of unexpected free time on their hands. Recently Netflix’s The Wrong Missy star David Spade revealed he’s apparently been spending time Zooming with major stars like Tom Hanks, Cameron Diaz, Dave Chappelle and Adam Sandler.

It honestly sounds like the setup to a joke, but David Spade seemed pretty sincere when talking about these celebrity Zoom calls on a recent episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan. He noted he “does Zoom” and it’s been happening with some pretty big names on the regular, too.

I do Zoom. There’s nothing else to do. One of my friend’s, guy who is serious in the music industry, he usually has a party on Oscar night and he’s sort of in the mix with all these people. So, he says, jump in a call; we’re going to do a Zoom. You’ll know everybody… I pop on and last night there was Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, and then it’s actually people from everywhere. Flea from the Chili Peppers, Lars from Metallica, you know [Dave] Chappelle and Sebastian and Chris Rock. You know there’s a lot of comedians on; [Adam] Sandler’s usually on.

We know, in fact, that Adam Sandler and David Spade have been Zooming a lot, simply because they’ve appeared frequently on the talk show circuits and opened up about what they’ve been up to during the shutdown. Still, David Spade’s comment that people like Red Hot Chili Pepper’s bassist Flea are hanging out with Julia Robert is just imagery that boggles the mind. There may be random awards shows these same people are at, but it’s certainly atypical.

However, it sounds like these Zoom calls are becoming a fairly regular occurrence for David Spade, who previously revealed a call he sat in with Robert Downey Jr., Jimmy Fallon and even David Copperfield. He seems to really be enjoying himself, also mentioning in the interview it’s just been cool to talk to people he doesn’t get to engage with often. There may be no better compliment than getting to talk to comedy queen Cameron Diaz about your latest Netflix film, for example.

There’s probably about 15-20 people. You get like a random Laura Dern; I’m like, ‘Are you lost?’ Because it’s like people from different [places]. It’s really fun, because it’s people you don’t really see much. Or someone you don’t know well and you get to say hi to them. Last night Cameron Diaz was on and said, ‘Oh I just saw The Wrong Missy,’ so we talked about that for a second. That’s the fun of it.

Now, I feel like I need Cameron Diaz’s official review of The Wrong Missy. While Spade is a primary player in the film, it really feels like a comedy vehicle for Lauren Lapkus, who is sort of on a similar path to what Diaz was doing early on in her own career. I’ll keep you posted if Lapkus ends up signing on for an action movie with Tom Cruise at any point in the future.

Meanwhile, you can watch The Wrong Missy on Netflix streaming or see what else is coming in June with our full schedule.

Jessica Rawden
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