One Of The Wrong Missy’s Craziest Scenes Was Heavily Improvised

The Wrong Missy

Netflix has been in the Adam Sandler business for years now, and business steadily has boomed. We may never know the full statistics for the viewing habits of Sandler’s faithful, but Netflix has claimed that films like Murder Mystery, The Do-Over and The Week Of have found their audiences. Sandler’s brand is so strong, Netflix now takes gambles on Adam’s boys, as when David Spade gets to carry The Wrong Missy on the streaming platform.

The movie has been a modest hit for Netflix (trending in certain places and generating buzz for a previously unheard of comedy). In the film, Spade plays a guy who invites his dream girl, Missy, on a corporate retreat. Only, he mistakenly texts the wrong Missy, and ends up in paradise with the crazy Lauren Lapkus. In a recent interview with ComingSoon, The Wrong Missy co-star Nick Swardson (another Sandler barnacle) opened up about a completely improvised scene, and how he helped build it. Commenting on his “drunk” scene, Swardson explained:

It wasn’t in the script to play it hammered and I was like, ‘No, my character is such a fucking loose cannon he should be drunk,’ and they were like ‘Wellllll’ and I went, ‘Dude, I’ve seen this a million times. When I travel doing stand-up I stay in hotels or resorts and I see these people from corporate retreats and they get fucking annihilated. This is what guys do in this scenario.’ They were like, ‘Oh yeah, I guess you’re right’ and I was like, ‘No trust me, I’m right,’ so I made the choice to just play him like a complete train wreck.

Usually, that’s funnier, too. In The Wrong Missy, David Spade and Nick Swardson are corporate guys on a retreat, and yes, that usually IS when buttoned-up suits let their hair down and get a little wild. In the same interview, Swardson went on to say that they improvised because their producer, Adam Sandler, wasn’t present, but also because they know the type of humor that he wants to see in his types of comedies.

Sandler wasn’t there, he was a producer, but he wasn’t there, so that’s another thing that’s tricky. At this point I know what Adam likes and wants, but I also know what I enjoy so I was kind of trying so many different options to kind of see what would stick, but I did some that were fucking so far out there. [laughs] Where I was accusing half the company of doing coke and it was awesome, just so much fun.

From that perspective, Nick Swardson’s right. He has been studying in the school of Adam Sandler for years, appearing in Sandy Wexler, The Ridiculous 6, the Grown Up films, and more. David Spade clearly trusts him, and it’s fun to learn the behind-the-scenes stories on these comedies.

The Wrong Missy is available to stream right now. To keep up with all of the films and TV shows coming to Netflix (and leaving), bookmark this Streaming Page on CinemaBlend and check it often.

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