No Time To Die’s Daniel Craig Explains Why He Was ‘Fortunate’ To Return For Bond 25

Daniel Craig as James Bond

There was a time, not all that long ago, when we weren't exactly sure if Daniel Craig would ever be back to play James Bond again. The question of if Craig would return, and who might replace him if he didn't, was one of the biggest questions in Hollywood. In the end, Craig decided to come back for one final time in the role that made him a household name, and in the end, he now feels fortunate to have had the chance.

No Time To Die is set to release in November after it became the first major release to delay its opening due to the growing pandemic. Before all of that, however, Craig told HeyUGuys, that he was quite glad that he'd decided to return to the James Bond franchise, if for no other reason than he got to visit an iconic James Bond location that was a beautiful place to be. According to Craig...

Being in Jamaica is just exciting on so many levels for me. I haven’t been here for one. But also this is where Fleming wrote them so they were created here. There’s always been a connection, a whatever family connection. Somehow he’s always ended up here for some reason or another. A lot of the movies have been shot here. We’re just incredibly fortunate to get a chance to be here and we’re getting looked after so beautiful. The sunshine, there’s a beach over there. I’m so happy; I just can’t tell you.

Jamaica was a much loved place where James Bond author Ian Fleming made his home, and as such, Bond tended to spend a decent amount of time there both in the books and in the movies. However, Daniel Craig's James Bond had never been there, and if Craig had not agreed to return for the newest Bond film, he would have missed his chance to be part of Bond history like that.

And even outside of Jamaica's connection to James Bond, it's Jamaica. It's a major tourist destination for a reason, and so it must have been pretty nice to wake up every morning for several weeks and just be in Jamaica. If you have to be somewhere, why not be in Jamaica.

And the location's place in the story of No Time to Die is one of the few things we have a clear understanding about. When the film opens, James Bond will be retired and living in Jamaica. However, his old friend CIA agent Felix Leiter will come looking for him because he needs Bond's help, drawing him back into action.

And while Daniel Craig may have had an occasionally difficult time being James Bond, the role is also clearly important to him, and thinks the new movie is the right way to say goodbye.

Playing Bond has been part of my life for well over a decade now. I’m—this was just one more chance to do something with it we haven’t done before, to sort of sign off in the best way possible. I’m just grateful for the chance to do it.

Our trip to visit James Bond in Jamaica was supposed to take place in April, but the film got pushed back even before movie theaters were closed in North America, because international business is a big part of James Bond's success. Not Time to Die will now arrive November 25.

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