See Jeffrey Wright's Felix Leiter Return In First Bond 25 Set Video

Jeffrey Wright and Daniel Craig together in Casino Royale

The new James Bond movie has had a hell of a time of it, and considering the movie is still in the middle of active production, it's going to be a long time before we see any sort of finished scenes in a trailer. However, the 25th James Bond movie doesn't want fans to go entirely without a look at the new film, and a so a new behind the scenes video has been released.

In addition to giving us a few shots of Daniel Craig himself, as well as director Cary Fukunaga, we also get our first look at the return of Felix Leiter to the James Bond franchise, as Jeffrey Wright is back in the role he debuted in Casino Royale. Check out the full video below.

The video covers the filming of Bond 25 that has been taking place in Jamaica. The movie has already announced that this is where the new film will open. James Bond has retired from his life as a super spy, but he comes out of retirement when his old friend, CIA agent Felix Leiter shows up and asks for help.

We see a cool shot of James Bond moving past a window with his gun drawn, but the video spends most of its time focusing on the streets of Jamaica. We also go inside a club, which is where we see Lyshana Lynch as the new character Naoimi. We also see Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter. He's got a pretty serious look on his face, but beyond that, he doesn't look much like a government agent, with an open shirt and a cold beer.

Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter in Bond 25

Since the new video stays away from giving us any real action it doesn't answer any of the many questions that we have about Bond 25. Beyond the initial setup, no plot details have been revealed so we don't really know what the movie will be about. It's also missing a title, though it's far from obvious if a title would actually tell us anything useful. What the hell is a Quantum of Solace anyway?

The video, from the official 007 YouTube page, looks great, and based on it it would look like everything on the set has been going smoothly. That's not entirely accurate. The movie has already seen its release date pushed back, possibly due to reported script issues. While Daniel Craig looks fine here, he actually injured his ankle on the set, causing a minor delay in the production.

Director Cary Fukunaga has also been accused of causing delays of his own, though he has very humorously clapped back at those rumors. These real and alleged delays were being blamed for problems getting Craig and Rami Malek, who will play the movie's villain, on set at the same time, but appears those issues, to whatever they were real, have been handled.

Hopefully from here on out Bond 25 will avoid any serious problems. The movie is set for release in April 2020.

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