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With social distancing and quarantining still being recommended in many areas, naturally people who are following such directives are looking for ways to pass the time. Exercise is one way to accomplish that, as even if a lot of gyms remain closed, you can still get into shape within the comfort of your own home. Combine that with dieting, and you can get into a pretty good health rhythm. That’s what Ethan Suplee’s been doing.

The actor who’s known for his work on Boy Meets World, My Name is Earl, The Ranch, Mallrats and Remember the Titans (among other things) caught attention earlier this year for losing hundreds of pounds, resulting in him now boasting a ripped physique. But food has also been key to his routine, and Ethan Suplee recently went over what his dieting has been like lately with the following:

I plan my food out pretty diligently. So, usually everything I’m going to eat in a given day is prepared a day or two in advance. Once I have my food set for that day, I just don’t deviate from that. My diet consists of protein, the majority of my calories go to protein. The remaining calories are split up into carbohydrates and fat, mostly carbohydrates.

So no impromptu snacking for this guy then. Seriously though, if you’re looking to maintain a specific kind of weight or physique, then it’s not enough to just exercise. You also need to be rigid about what you’re putting in your body, meaning that planning out meals ahead of time can ensure you adhere to a normal and healthy groove.

Ethan Suplee has plenty of experience with dieting, having gone on his first one when he was 5 years old. As far as his current diet goes, it turns out that the health crisis hasn’t altered his meal plans. As Suplee put it:

My diet hasn’t changed at all [in quarantine]. I’ve been doing maintenance which means I’m trying to maintain my weight, not gain or lose during the quarantine. All that means is a slight increase in carbohydrates and a slight increase in fat but the protein has basically stayed the same. None of the stuff that I eat has changed. I’m still mostly eating chicken breasts and vegetables, sweet potatoes or rice, a ton of Schmidt’s bread.

During the video he recorded for Men’s Health, Ethan Suplee also went over his exercising plan, which included pull-ups, push-ups, lifting kettle bells and other weights, and using various machines, such as an “assault bike.” If there are two takeaways from all this, it’s that Suplee is taking his fitness and dieting seriously, and that having to stay indoors for a majority of the time hasn’t been a major deterrence.

Shortly after Ethan Suplee shared pictures of his shredded self, he revealed that he decided to take dieting and exercise seriously after a conversation with actor Jim Caviezel. With a changed perspective, Suplee started making modifications to his lifestyle and began dropping weight. While that added some professional complications, in the long run, it looks like Suplee is quite pleased with his physical transformation.

Ethan Suplee most recently appeared in the Blumhouse picture The Hunt, and he’s set to reprise his Mallrats character William in the sequel, Twilight of the Mallrats. As for what’s heading to theaters later this year, you can find that information in our 2020 release schedule.

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