A good team sports movie always needs an extensive cast to fill out all the roles, but that’s especially true for good football movies, which have several different positions to fill with strong actors, both on and off the field. Remember the Titans however, was sold on the star power of the head coach, so the team itself was made up of mostly unknowns at the time.

But a lot can change in the span of 15 years, and many of those previously unknown actors are as far from unknown as you can get today. So what happened to the cast of Remember The Titans? Let’s take a look back at one of the most inspirational football teams in movie history and see where the individual members of the fantastic ensemble wound up.

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Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington was the only real movie star when Remember the Titans hit screens in 2000. He’d already won his first Academy Award for 1992’s Glory, and he’d been nominated for another the year the year before for his lead role in another sports film: The Hurricane. Following his role as Titans coach Herman Boone, Washington would go on to win the Best Actor Academy Award in 2001 for his performance in Training Day. He recently reunited with director Antoine Fuqua for the remake of The Magnificent Seven, which will be out in 2016.

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