Wow, Kevin Smith And Ethan Suplee's Reunion Photo Really Shows Off Their Dramatic Weight Loss

Ethan Suplee in Mallrats

Most of us fall apart as we get older. OK, maybe that’s just me, looking in the mirror. But Kevin Smith has improved with age, shedding a ton of weight and swearing off meat in an effort to stay healthy. Sure, he still proudly smokes way more weed than a normal human should. But he looks great doing it. And so does his frequent collaborator Ethan Suplee, as we can tell in this excellent new photo that the Mallrats veterans took during a podcast-recording session.

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View Askew fans, tell me that doesn’t put a smile on your face. Ethan Suplee has been popping up in Kevin Smith movies all throughout his career. While he remains busy in non-Smith films, from Edward Norton’s Motherless Brooklyn to Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, for many, Suplee will always be that dude who stared at the Magic Eye poster in Mallrats and grew frustrated that he couldn’t make out the image buried inside.

Now the old friends are getting back together for some podcast recordings, where they are reminiscing about losing all of their weight, staying in good shape, trading war stories from the movies they have worked on, and so much more. According to the Instagram post, Ethan Suplee has a show called American Glutton. And if you haven’t seen Suplee in the image for the podcast, go visit it. He’s ridiculously jacked now.

Of course, Kevin Smith runs his own podcast network, the Smodcast, and you can listen to Suplee as a guest on the latest episodes by clicking on the links in the Insta.

Ethan Suplee hasn’t appeared in a Kevin Smith film since Clerks II, but we expect that’s about the change. Smith has been prepping fans for The Twilight of the Mallrats, a sequel he’s doing for his 1995 comedy, and while no full cast roster has been revealed, it’s safe to assume that Suplee will be back in some form, playing Willam once again for the View Askew universe.

It’s also just rewarding to see both men doing so well as they age. We here are CinemaBlend hope they can keep collaborating on films for years to come. Like Moose Jaws. Where the hell is THAT movie, Kevin Smith?

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