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The Wild Way Stephen King's Children Of The Corn Reboot Managed To Film During Quarantine

A group of children sit in the middle of a cornfield in a scene from 'Children of the Corn'

We heard a lot about the films and TV series that were shut down as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, so it might be a little surprising that there was at least one film that actually stayed in production. But the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s Children of the Corn did just that -- it was shot entirely during quarantine.

Kurt Wimmer’s newest film began principal photography while the rest of the world was shut down. The production on the yet-to-be-titled Children of the Corn adaptation began in Australia at the beginning of March, right around the time that social distancing measures were taking root around the world. When faced with the question as to whether they could continue production, Kurt Wimmer and the rest of the crew consulted with Screen NSW, one of the film’s primary financial backers.

According to Deadline, the team ultimately decided to continue with production after enlisting the help of safety expert Jon Heaney. After adjusting their shooting schedule, they were able to keep filming because they created a set of strategic guidelines. Firstly, the cast and crew entered into a joint isolation, made possible because they’d already been on set together before the worldwide lockdowns began. That meant they were able to limit the potential spread of coronavirus if one of the crew members ended up getting sick.

While the team did not specify what exact health and safety measures were put in place during shooting, or whether or not they were testing for coronavirus, they did say no one got sick during principal photography and credited the professionalism of the cast, crew and vendors that worked with them.

In a statement, Head of Screen NSW’s Grainne Brunsdon said that the film’s successful shoot is “an example of the screen industry thinking innovatively and collaboratively to ensure our creative sector continues to thrive.”

As Hollywood begins to re-open and resume production on other projects, it will be interesting to see how film sets accommodate the continued threat of COVID-19. The fact that the Children of the Corn adaptation was able to be wrapped successfully without any major incidents is a good sign, for sure -- it means that it’s possible for the show to go on, as long as the right safety precautions are taken.

Details are still scant as to what the film will look like. We know the film stars Elena Kampouris, Kate Moyer, Callan Mulvey and Bruce Spence and that rather than being a pure adaptation, it will be a prequel of sorts, centering on the events leading up to the original Children of the Corn story. What we do know is that regardless of the finished product, it has already earned its place in cinema history.