The Internet Is Campaigning For Twister 2 But There Are Some Problems


There's a feeling that Hollywood only makes movies based on "safe" properties. That a sequel to just about anything is preferable to a new idea. While there's certainly some truth in that idea, it has to be said that when Twister 2 starts trending on Twitter, you can't really blame people for thinking that sequels are all people want. Because yes, the internet is now debating the relative merits of Twister 2.

The original Twister recently debuted on Netflix and it appears that was the catalyst for a social media discussion of a potential sequel that is still going. It's unclear if anybody is really all that interested in the idea, but many have pointed out that even if people did want such a movie, there's a pretty major flaw in the concept, because two of the major stars of the original, Bill Paxton and Philip Seymour Hoffman, have passed away, and thus the original cast could not completely reunite.

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It's a pretty solid question, without Bill Paxton, one of the major stars of the original, and the great Philip Seymour Hoffman, who was a member of our heroic team of tornado chasers, the movie would certainly feel a bit empty. You could certainly bring back Helen Hunt, Alan Ruck, and others, but if you got everybody else, then the absence of the missing members would be that much more noticeable.

Twister was a popular movie in its day, one of the highest grossing movies of 1996, and thus the idea of a sequel, even now, isn't entirely crazy. It's not like Twister would be the first franchise over 20-years-old that is currently being dusted off. Still, it feels like if somebody wanted to do that we'd more likely be in line for some sort of reboot. Perhaps a sequel set 25 years later starring the young children of Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt's characters. Either way, as somebody pointed out, you get the impression there would only be one reason to do that.

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Of course, as with any sequel or reboot conversation, especially of an older film, there's the feeling that coming in this long after the fact to add a sequel actually has the potential to do damage to the original. Especially, since you can watch the original Twister on Netflix right now, we don't need a sequel, you can actually just go watch the original and enjoy all of it.

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But in the end, even the huge Twister fans are having trouble getting over the two missing pieces of the puzzle. Even if you were going to try to do some sort of reboot, you'd still want to get those sweet original cast cameos, and you still then run into the problem of not having Bill Paxton and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

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