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Chris Evans Says The Avengers Cast Played Boggle On Set And One Avenger Was Particularly Terrible

Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner in Avengers: Endgame (2019)

In many cases, ensemble casts of movies and TV shows love to have fun behind the scenes, and this is definitely the case with the cast of Marvel Studios’ Avengers franchise. The group had true chemistry on and off screen and, even after some of them have exited the franchise, they still find opportunities to link up. Now, Captain America himself, Chris Evans, has revealed that the group also used to love playing Boggle and, while the games would be competitive, one core Avenger wasn’t the best at playing the game:

We were big into Boggle during the Marvel movies. And I’m going to tell you right now without fail, you could be playing with a group of 20 people. The person who is gonna win is Paul Rudd, the person who is going to come in nail-biting second is Don Cheadle. And Ruffalo would be way at the end.

While discussing old times with Marvel co-star Paul Rudd during an installment of Variety’s Actors on Actors, Chris Evans went on to say that Ruffalo’s method of play was so strange that it was almost like something he’d never seen before:

He’ll have like two words on his whole list but he got ‘asbestos.’ How do you get ‘asbestos’ on the Boggle Board? It’s a real anomaly.

Almost anyone can understand just how competitive board games can get, especially when you’re playing with close friends and family. Of course, in some cases, there’s that one person who has a very “unique” way of playing the game.

Because they would spend months together filming projects, it’s easy to see why the cast would use board games as a way to help pass the time. It’s also funny to hear that, at times, the games would come down to the wire.

The idea of Mark Ruffalo being the one to use unconventional strategies when playing actually isn’t all that surprising when you think about it. The fun-loving, veteran actor, who’s known for spoiling a Marvel film at a moment’s notice, can certainly be a bit of an oddball when he wants to be.

He may not be winning any Boggle tournaments any time soon, but what Mark Ruffalo has already won is the love and admiration of his co-stars and fans. And he loves them just as much, if not more.

Now that we know the Avengers cast enjoyed playing board games, one can’t help but wonder what other games they might have played and who would come out on top when playing them. Would Mark Ruffalo be better at Scrabble, or would Robert Downey Jr. clean house in Monopoly? Regardless, this just serves as further evidence as to how close the Marvel castmates were when the cameras weren’t rolling.

And to see how they interacted in front of the camera, you can stream all four Avengers films on Disney+ now.

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