Tom Holland Drops Uncharted Set Photo As The Movie Prepares For Filming

Tom Holland in The Lost City of Z

It’s been over three years since Tom Holland was announced to star as adventurer Nathan Drake in Uncharted, with the film adaptation of the popular video game series having been in development for much longer. However, after numerous challenges and setbacks, it looks like Uncharted is finally on track to roll cameras… fingers crossed.

Seemingly indicating that things are indeed moving forward, Tom Holland recently shared the below photo from the Uncharted set. Take a look!

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It’s not much, but seeing Tom Holland’s chair for the Uncharted set does bode well for this production finally getting underway. That’s said, it’s important to clarify that while Tom Holland writing “Day one” in this Instagram post’s caption might indicate that principal photography has finally kicked off on Uncharted, that is not the case. A Sony representative clarified to IGN that filming hasn’t begun yet, but preparations are underway, and the cast and crew are "hoping to start soon."

Given how the current health crisis has affected the film industry, including Uncharted's original production launch back in March in Berlin being shut down, it’s understandable if the movie's team isn’t ready to start filming just yet, but the fact that they’re close is a good sign. That’s not to say that more delays aren’t forthcoming, but this is the closest the movie has gotten to actually capturing footage over its long development period.

The Uncharted movie was first announced way back in 2008, just a year after the first video game in the series, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, was released. In the years since, filmmakers like David O. Russell, Seth Gordon and Shawn Levy have all come and gone from the project, as well as rotated through a variety of writers. Mark Wahlberg was also once attached to play Nathan Drake, and while he eventually exited that role, he’s set to appear in the movie’s current incarnation as Nathan Drake’s mentor, Sully.

Along with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, Uncharted’s cast includes Antonio Banderas, Sophia Taylor Ali and Tati Gabrielle. Behind the camera, Venom’s Ruben Fleshier is directing and Iron Man duo Art Marcum and Matt Holloway penned the script.

As for the story, no specific plot details have been revealed yet other than that it will be a prequel to the Uncharted video games, so audiences will learn Nathan Drake’s origin story. That being said, Tom Holland revealed back in February that the movie is particularly inspired by the fourth (and final) main Uncharted game, A Thief’s End. So if you played that and end up checking out this big screen adventure, you’ll presumably notice some familiar elements.

Uncharted is set to drop in theaters on July 16, 2021, but if that release date changed, or if any other major Uncharted news breaks, we here at CinemaBlend will let you know about it. In the meantime, check out our 2020 release schedule to learn what movies are supposed to arrive later this year.

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