Tom Holland Is Getting Ripped For Uncharted With Mark Wahlberg

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Most film productions are still in a state of "wait and see" as it regards actually getting filming underway. But under the circumstances, that could change quickly, and as such, everybody involved in the films that are looking to get underway need to be ready. For Tom Holland, who will begin filming the long-delayed Uncharted movie as soon as he is able, that means getting, and staying, in the physical shape needed for the action-heavy performance. Holland recently posted a look at what the extra workout time has done for him, and the dude is ripped.

Tom Holland tagged his Uncharted co-star Mark Wahlberg when saying that he needed to "get after it" in the gym and Holland has certainly done that. The actor looks like he's in the best shape of his career. Get ready for the Tom Holland thirst tweets to come out of the woodwork...again.

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Under the circumstances, Tom Holland is probably in even better shape than he technically needs to be to play Nathan Drake in Uncharted. If the schedule had worked out as expected, Holland would probably be filming the movie right now and while he'd still be working out during that time, he has a lot more time to hit the gym right now, and really, what else is he going to do with his free time?

Uncharted is one of those movies, like the Avatar sequels, that had been delayed so many times that we wondered if we would ever actually have a chance to see it. And then, just as it looked like it was finally happening, the film was delayed yet again due to the pandemic. At this point, it still looks like the movie will happen, unless the continued delay causes another director to jump ship, which has happened more than a few times already.

Uncharted is based on a popular video game franchise that follows the character of Nathan Drake, an Indiana Jones-like figure who goes on adventures looking for lost historical artifacts of value. Mark Wahlberg will play the role of Victor "Sully" Sullivan, Drake's partner as well as surrogate father figure. At one point in the development of the film, Wahlberg was actually attached to play the lead role. Now Holland will play the title role of a Nathan Drake that's younger than that which we see in the games.

Currently, Uncharted is set to open in almost exactly one year, July 16, 2021. Filming is expected to resume soon, and it will need to do so in order to hit that date. Further delays are certainly possible if only because current films could still see further delays, causing a chain reaction down the calendar that could cover the next year or more.

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