COVID-19 Survivor Rita Wilson Has Some Honest Thoughts About People Not Wearing Masks

Girls Allison Williams and Rita Wilson look on disapprovingly

As two of the earliest celebrities to be reported as battling COVID-19, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have been quite candid about with their previous struggle battling the virus. However, they’ve been equally vocal about how the public can do their part in fighting the pandemic that’s been raging globally since early this year. One hot button issue that the beloved Hollywood couple has focused on in particular is how some people are adamant about not wearing masks. As Hanks had previously made his case for this common safety practice, Wilson took a moment to share her own thoughts, presented as follows, in a recent interview:

We still practice what we practice, wearing a mask, even though we are maybe safer than the general public. I just think it’s important to do it. Because we really don’t know. There’s so much we don’t know.

These honest thoughts came from Rita Wilson’s talk on CBS This Morning, which was on the heels of her single “Everybody Cries” being featured in director Rod Lurie’s true military drama The Outpost. Not surprisingly, the discussion turned to that of the health crisis that’s dominated current events, and Wilson is an inadvertent expert, as both she and her husband were infected with COVID-19 while Tom Hanks was filming his role in Baz Luhrman’s Elvis biopic in Australia.

After fighting their way through their shared infection, both Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks were officially minted as COVID-19 survivors, and they’ve been going above and beyond with their own contributions against the deadly virus. With plasma donations and their participation in a medical study currently underway, Wilson and Hanks are clearly passionate about taking the fight to the coronavirus. But that’s only the beginning, as both have spoken out about the simple practices the world needs to engage in to help stop the spread of COVID-19, which only hits harder with Rita Wilson’s continued remarks about proper mask habits:

Well, I would say that I don’t understand why something that’s so easy to do has become an issue or something that people are coming up against. To me it’s something like brushing your teeth twice a day is good for your health and we do that. So, why wouldn’t you wear a mask because it’s good for your health? It just doesn’t make sense.

Even with antibodies against COVID-19, Rita Wilson and her husband understand that this fact will diminish with time, and they could become infected and/or carriers of the virus yet again. So maintaining the strategic pillars of social distancing, hand-washing and mask-wearing is something that she is stressing for both those who haven’t had to deal with the ailment themselves, and those who are lucky to be survivors. In an age of disinformation and distrust, this is important news, from a source the public can count on not to steer them wrong.

If you happen to be a fan of Rita Wilson, you can hear “Everybody Cries,” as it’s used in Rod Lurie’s The Outpost, which is available now for digital purchase or rental. As for Tom Hanks fans, they can catch Greyhound, as it’s available for streaming on Apple TV+. But no matter who you’re a fan of, you should wear a mask, socially distance, and wash your hands in these uncertain times.

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