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A Fifth Toy Story Movie? Here’s What Tony Hale Says

Forky Asks a Question

When Toy Story 4 was originally announced it surprised a lot of fans. While the Toy Story movies are obviously popular, there was a feeling that the third film in the franchise had brought the story to a satisfying conclusion and no follow-ups would be necessary. However, now that Toy Story 4 exists, it would seem to open the door a bit wider to the possibility that we could get a Toy Story 5. And if we do, Forky is game.

Tony Hale, who voiced the new character of Forky in Toy Story 4 recently spoke with Yahoo and while he had no idea if we might ever get a Toy Story 5, he made it clear that if Pixar ever calls and asks him to be in such a film, he will be agreeing, no questions asked. Hale explained...

Here's the deal, if Pixar ever calls… you always just say yes. Those decisions are for other people to make, but I'm always more than willing to be around that environment again because it was so inspiring. I love it.

This is probably a good rule of thumb for all of us. If Pixar ever calls you, just say yes. It's almost certainly the right decision. Tony Hale says he was inspired by the experience of working with Pixar, and so he would happily do it again. Hale already reprised the role of Forky for a series of Disney+ shorts, Forky Asks a Question. Which are excellent by the way.

Pixar has been refocusing on creating new ideas rather than sequels following the release of Toy Story 4. We're getting Soul in November followed by the newly announced Luca next summer. Every indication is that the other, so far unannounced, projects in development are also original ideas rather than sequels.

That's not to say that we might not still get a new Toy Story down the road. Although, there are a lot of interesting questions about where such a movie might go. The last film saw the dynamic duo of Buzz and Woody split up, and while a sequel could certainly bring them back together, it could also follow one group or the other, leaving several beloved characters out of the story for the first time, which might actually be an interesting idea. Of course, since the focus of Toy Story has always been Woody, a story that follows him and Bo Peep could mean there won't be a place for Forky, even if we got a new movie.

Back when I spoke to the director and the producers of Toy Story 4 prior to the film's release, they certainly didn't discount the idea that a fifth movie could happen. Their goal was to make Toy Story 4 a satisfying ending if that's what it turned out to be.

Dirk Libbey
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