6 Reasons Why DC Needs To Make A Super Friends Movie

Super Friends

As the world waits on Zack Snyder's Justice League, The Batman, and the rest of the upcoming DC movie lineup, I just have two questions: what are the odds of us getting a Super Friends movie, and is it so crazy to believe that a live-action one could happen over at DC in our lifetime?

I say this because I not only think there's a need for a Super Friends movie in the current superhero movie market, but there are valid reasons to believe it may be vital that this happens in the coming years. I have reasons if you're willing to see how I "shape" my arguments, and then feel free to "form" an opinion in the comments after.

Birds Of Prey Harley Quinn

The Focus Of Superhero Films In General Hasn't Been Too Kid-Friendly As Of Late

The superhero genre has been such a mainstay in cinema the past decade, we've gotten to a point where Marvel and DC are starting to dig into the bullpen for more heroes to show the world. 10 years ago, I don't think many would've cared about a Moon Knight television series or been all that pumped about The Suicide Squad coming to theaters. This decade has really expanded the territory that both outfits can bring to a mainstream audience, but there have been downsides.

A kid can watch The Avengers and be entertained, but imagine them seeing a Super Friends movie and how that joy would be expanded seeing these characters depicted in live-action. A child watching Batman and Superman team up and actually understanding what's at stake? It's something that I think would be a big hit with a younger audience and hopefully cultivate the next generation into being as on board with this superhero trend as adults are currently. I don't want to be the grandpa watching superhero movies while my grandkids roll their eyes!

Lex Luthor Super Friends

The Super Friends Are Wholesome Fun We Can All Get Behind

Super Friends premiered on television well before I hit the scene, but I caught plenty of episodes on Cartoon Network growing up. I'll be honest, it wasn't exactly my favorite compared to the 2001 Justice League animated series, but I certainly appreciate the simpler storytelling and Silver Age antics of the show that kept things light and easy-going.

For others, they may gravitate towards the nostalgia of watching the show when they were younger and want to relive that with or without a younger audience. As corny as they may be, Super Friends' brand of the Justice League has relevance across several generations, and it could certainly make a sizable comeback if given the proper care to develop.

Lego Batman

Look At How Great LEGO Batman Turned Out

I'm sure there are varying opinions on LEGO Batman, but if we're measuring on audience and critic response to The LEGO Batman Movie, reception towards this version of the Caped Crusader was overall positive. I think we can all agree Will Arnett's take on Batman is pretty far removed from the traditional cinematic version of the hero, but is that a bad thing?

I don't think so, and I think that the fact that superheroes have had the run in Hollywood that they've had in the past decade has allowed the mainstream to embrace not only more obscure heroes, but different versions of heroes. So for those who think an audience wouldn't appreciate a toned-down version of Wonder Woman, Superman or Aquaman, I present LEGO Batman as evidence to the contrary.

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Super Friends Is So Ridiculous, It's An Easy Way To Tone Down The Stakes

I touched on this earlier, but it really can't be said enough why how ridiculous Silver Age villains' motives were. Lex Luthor would want to destroy Superman because apparently the Man of Steel made him bald, and plenty of other wild petty shit along those lines is the norm in these stories. It's over the top and asinine, but that was what the kids were into back then.

It's what kids are still into, really, because a motive like that falls in line with the usual villain in a kids movie. The youths may be able to watch Avengers: Infinity War and see Thanos snap half of all life out of existence, but c'mon, how many of them really understand that? Sometimes the silly motives are a bit easier to digest, and with a movie like Super Friends, those silly motives can give younger audiences a plot they can digest and enjoy alongside the hero fighting action.

Super Friends DC

The Wonder Twins Are The Perfect Main Heroes For Children

Zan and Jayna may not have been cool enough to become staples of the Justice League, but perhaps their lame-ness could make them the best heroes for a Super Friends movie. You always need that clueless character who gets everything explained to them by other characters for the sake of the younger minds, and are there anyone as clueless about being heroes as these two?

Zan and Jayna also have some really kooky powers, and I think the fact that they're lame could be used as fodder for them to be the heroes that save everyone else. Darkseid is attacking, the Justice League is down and all hope seems lost. Suddenly, Zan appears at the top of a mountain in the form of an ice unicycle, with Jayna on top as an octopus. They swoop down and send the villain back to Apokolips with his tail between his legs. I want to see this, and I want Zan and Jayna to get the redemption they deserve. Also, there's Gleek, but we can stop pretending the monkey was ever lumped in with those two or thought of as lame.

Super Friends DC

It Gives DC A Lighter Tone It Doesn't Often Do In Movies These Days

DC went a little lighter with Shazam!, but even then, there was some pretty heavy stuff happening in that movie. I believe DC tends to skew a bit more extreme to be the more adult brand in comparison to Marvel, and I can't deny it's had some success cultivating a loyal and dedicated audience, but the result is less movies that are necessarily appropriate to show children.

As mentioned, it's not like DC's been completely negligent, but there's room to grow. I think a Super Friends movie would give a younger crowd something to embrace, love and ultimately condition the next generation of young minds into the future fans of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and even Aquaman. Is it even possible to see Aquaman as lame anymore post-Jason Momoa? I'm honestly not sure.

Would you be interested in a Super Friends movie? Sound off in our poll and in the comments section, and be sure to stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest happening in the world of movies and television.

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