The New Mutants Video Reveals Cannonball's Power Ahead Of Pre-Sales

The New Mutants

While every movie under the sun has been delayed over the last several months due to global pandemic, delays are standard operating procedure for Fox's The New Mutants. The final Fox X-Men movie was originally set to open in April of 2018, but for one reason or another the movie was delayed again and again, and now is set for August 28, 2020, and it seems that Disney is now confident enough in that date to sell tickets. Pre-sales for The New Mutants have gone live alongside a new video that sums up the new film for anybody that needs a refresher.

Since the video is largely a recap of information available in the various trailers that have been released, there isn't a great deal new to be seen here, though we do get a clip of Charlie Heaton as Cannonball showing off his powers for the first time that looks pretty cool. Check it out.

It's hard to believe that after more than two years of delays we're now only a week and a half from the theatrical release of The New Mutants. In its own way, it's one of the most curious films that we've been waiting for simply because nobody knows quite what to expect from it. The conventional wisdom was that the frequent delays were a signal of a lack of studio enthusiasm, a feeling that the movie wasn't very good. But the director has actually stated that the delays helped when it came to editing the movie. So...then, it's good...maybe?

We won't really know for sure until it comes out if the final product was hurt or harmed by excessive delays. Of course, actually seeing the movie is still going to be potentially difficult in a lot of places. In the U.S., movie theaters are still closed in a lot of places and are unlikely to be open 10 days from now. This means that while the movie may finally be getting its long-awaited theatrical release, it's still going to be some time before much of the audience can see it.

While Disney's major tentpole movie that was also delayed, Mulan, is seeing a release in theaters where applicable in September, alongside a Disney+ premium release for those unable to go to the theater, The New Mutants is getting no such opportunity.

But for those who are both able and willing, maybe The New Mutants is the perfect movie to welcome them back to theaters. If it turns out to be actually great, then so much the better. If maybe it's not as good as one might hope, who cares, at least you're back in a movie theater again for the first time since March.

Unless something wild happens in the next nine days, then The New Mutants will finally be in theaters August 28.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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