DC FanDome Split Into Two Days So Start Adjusting Your Schedules

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Just how massive will DC FanDome be? Well, so massive that Warner Bros. officially has divided the event into two separate dates.

What does that mean? Heading into the Saturday event, WB and DC have revealed that DC FanDome has expanded into two global events. The first one still is scheduled for August 22, where they will maintain the DC FanDome: Hall of Heroes schedule (with a few additions from the TV side of things).

The second date however, now known as DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse, has been shifted to Sept. 12. This new date will work as an on-demand experience where fans can create and curate their own adventure. By making these two separate events, Warner Bros. is attempting to ensure that fans are able to see and cover everything without having panels conflict.

To help get fans excited for the August 22 event, a new trailer has been dropped, and it has some exciting footage that teases what is to come:

So, let’s try to explain some of what is happening here. DC FanDome is going to be a huge marketing event. There will be a ton of content spread across multiple fields, from film and television to video games and comics. But the studio was starting to think that it would be too difficult for fans to attend everything that they wanted to in a 24-hour period, so they are dividing it up.

The Hall of Heroes always was going to have movie panels, and that will stay the same. If you want to see Patty Jenkins and her Wonder Woman 1984 cast, or James Gunn and his The Suicide Squad ensemble, they will still be in the Hall of Heroes on Saturday, August 22. The same goes for The Flash, The Batman, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which is expected to show off its newest trailer. (We can’t say first trailer because this puppy had footage presentations back in 2017!) In addition, two major television panels have been added to the Hall of Heroes presentation. Look for The CW's The Flash, as well as Titans, as part of the August 22 programming.

As for the rest of the television side, a number of the shows that were originally part of the WatchVerse section of the DC FanDome now will be shifting to the interactive Sept. 12 portion of the presentation, so make sure that you are checking the full schedule of events on the FanDome’s official Website, staying as up to date as possible.

Here’s what WB has told us about the August 22 event:

Fans will be transported into the DC FanDome: Hall of Heroes, an epic world designed personally by Jim Lee featuring special programming, panels and exclusive reveals from a wide variety of films, TV series, games, comics and more.

And here’s what they are telling us about the Sept. 12 event, emphasizing the fact that it will be a “choose your own adventure” approach to the sheer amount of content.

Fans will be able to create their own timeline. This event will be on demand, and fans will use the Official DC FanDome Online Scheduler Tool to map out their explorations. Additionally, DC Kids FanDome will also launch on Saturday, September 12, at its own kid-friendly companion site at DCKidsFanDome.com.

So be sure to look at the schedule for DC FanDome as of today, August 19, because some of the things that you were planning to explore this weekend might have shifted. There still will be tons of exciting things to keep you busy in the DC FanDome, but now fans will have TWO days to circle on their calendars.

Sean O'Connell
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