Zack Snyder Shares New Wonder Woman And Cyborg Photos As He Counts Down To DC FanDome

Wonder Woman in Justice League

DC FanDome is expected to be an extravaganza for anyone who loves the media created around DC Comics characters. Film, television, video games, comics and more will be represented by the 24-hour blitz, and several high-profile panels have been drumming up awareness ahead of their August 22 presentations. Very few directors are better at self-promotion than Zack Snyder, who FINALLY will be bringing his Snyder Cut of Justice League to audiences (it will be on HBO Max in 2021). And Snyder is ramping up enthusiasm by sharing images and counting down the days.

You probably know by now that the theatrical cut of Justice League had very little of Zack Snyder’s original footage in it. As such, the Snyder Cut of the movie will mostly be a completely new movie. Snyder is going to bring a trailer to his DC FanDome panel on Saturday, and ahead of that. He’s sharing what appears to be one image per JL team member, and showing off footage that differs from the theatrical cut.

The director kicked things off with a shot of what we believe will eventually become the Hall of Justice. Then came the photo shared above, noting the “5 Day” mark. This appears to be a Wonder Woman image, because it’s a different angle from the scene where Diana (Gal Gadot) is working on a sculpture at the Louvre and pretending she wasn’t in London over the weekend, disrupting a terrorist cell.

Zack Snyder fans began to wonder if this meant the director was going to post a new image every day, leading up to the Snyder Cut of Justice League panel at DC FanDome. And he really could. Batman is covered by the Hall of Justice image, because it is set in Wayne Manor. We got a Diana image, and then Snyder posted this shot of Ray Fisher’s Victor Stone, aka Cyborg, to his Vero account.

Victor Stone image on Vero

This is a scene that Snyder Cut fans know was supposed to be part of Justice League before Joss Whedon took over the project. It shows Victor Stone as a star football player, before the accident that would help turn him into Cyborg.

However, you will notice that the Victor Stone image doesn’t say “In 4 Days.” She he was asked if this was the official Day 4 image, and Snyder suggested that more would be coming today. So get excited, Cyborg fans!

Snyder Cut fans have been waiting three long years for the director to be able to release his cut of the movie that was due in theaters in 2017. HBO Max has stepped up and allowed Snyder the chance to finish his vision, and we expect to have a trailer to dissect as of August 22. Also, plan on Snyder sharing Flash, Aquaman and Superman photos on Days 3, 2 and 1. Unleash the Hype Machines!

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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