The Comeback Trail Trailer: Robert De Niro Leads An All-Star Cast In Movie Gone Wrong Comedy

The Comeback Trail Robert De Niro shocked and stunned

The movie industry is a killer business to work in, as anything and everything can go wrong at a moment’s notice. But in the new film The Comeback Trail, that’s exactly what Robert De Niro and an all-star cast are hoping will happen, as the deadliest scam in Hollywood history is about to be hatched! The only problem is, for it to pay off, someone’s gotta die, and that someone is the seemingly unkillable Tommy Lee Jones. You’ll have to see it to believe it, so here’s the trailer for The Comeback Trail:

We did mention an all-star cast in The Comeback Trail, and as you can see in the first look above, it’s a hell of a line-up trying to strike it rich by knocking ‘em dead. As a pair of producers (Robert De Niro and Zack Braff) are struggling to pay back a mobster they are in some serious debt to (Morgan Freeman) an accidental death on the set of a rival producer (Emile Hirsch) gives our protagonists a fatal idea. All they have to do is look like they’re mounting a film of their own, complete with a totally insane/washed up western star (Tommy Lee Jones) and have him “accidentally” die. The only trouble is, this particular cowboy is hard to send to the last roundup in the sky.

It certainly isn’t for lack of trying though, as The Comeback Trail shows Tommy Lee Jones’ character engaging in everything from a daily round of Russian Roulette to a fiery horse stunt and a rickety bridge scenario. But, in true comedic fashion, Jones’ aptly named hardcase Duke Montana brushes himself off, and is ready to go every time. Which, to the chagrin of Robert De Niro’s Max Barber, means he has to go back to the drawing board yet again.

2020 feels like a strong year for Robert De Niro, as he has two big comedies in line for debut after a 2019 that saw him pour his heart and soul into the lead of Martin Scorsese’s de-aged mob epic The Irishman. No doubt, with a role that heavy, an actor would kind of need the time to mentally recover and have some fun. With both The Comeback Trail and even the family comedy The War with Grandpa, it feels like De Niro is stretching his comedic talents to great effect yet again. And to think, all it took was lobbing some dodgeballs at some kids, and trying to kill Tommy Lee Jones.

There’s an all-star cast just waiting to make the public laugh, and in a year that’s gone as hard as 2020 has to throw curveballs and disasters into the world, we could use the sort of energy The Comeback Trail is looking to put into the world. Audiences can see the film start its way down its road of happy accidents, when it’s released on November 13th.

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