After A Mummy Tomb Was Opened, The Internet Made Brendan Fraser Viral With A+ References

Brendan Fraser in The Mummy

In case you haven't been paying attention, 2020 thus far has been a total shitshow... and this news story makes us think that somebody out there was dumb enough to say something along the lines of, "Well, it couldn't get any worse, right?" This week it was revealed that ancient mummies have been unearthed in Egypt, and their caskets are being opened for the first time in more than 2,500 years. Cue all of the curses.

Fortunately, our society's obsession with movies means that we know exactly who to turn to in such a crisis – which is why Brendan Fraser's name started trending on Twitter today.

With a video of the mummy tomb being opened circulating online, many social media users have taken the opportunity to make different variations of the same joke, all of them specifically referencing the beloved 1999 action hit The Mummy starring Brendan Fraser as adventurer Rick O'Connell:

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Most people have watched this video and thought of Brendan Fraser as the man to call when everything goes to hell as a result of this mummy unveiling, but there is a bit of frustration thrown in as well. Take this Twitter user, for example, who seems a pit peeved that people would go around unearthing tombs in Egypt when Fraser worked so damn hard to shut that crap down multiple times:

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Clearly internet users believe that Brandan Fraser is the guy to call on when it comes to dealing with Mummys, but it should be noted that the other modern movie about The Mummy hasn't been totally forgotten by society and got a shoutout of sorts on Twitter:

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Of course, the trending topic eventually got to a point where it became a snake eating its own tail, with users chiming in about Brendan Fraser purely as an extension of so many Brendan Fraser jokes being made – and while that can typically be a bit annoying, it has given us this wonderful gem that performs a nice reversal on a played-out meme:

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Hopefully this will be a case where life isn't like the movies and our world isn't hit with any kind of horrible curse, but I suppose only time will tell. Maybe it will be a good curse that winds up getting a new Mummy movie starring Brendan Fraser the green light. Of course, if you're really worried about the consequences of opening long-shut tombs you can always try and distract yourself with research on how to do something about it – by which I mean watching Stephen Sommers' The Mummy over and over again. The film is available to purchase and rent from digital retailers, and is also on Blu-ray and DVD, as are its two direct sequels.

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