Looks Like Alita: Battle Angel's Re-Release Is Still On At One Major Theater Chain

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Take a deep breath and say it again with me: 2020 is wild. With Regal Cinemas temporarily shutting down again as of this Thursday, and major releases like No Time To Die and Dune shifting into 2021, it looked like the recently announced re-release for Alita: Battle Angel might have had to wait in the wings for a little longer. Well, apparently rival theater chain Cinemark isn’t buying that scenario for a second, as they’re not only still on track to bring Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron’s sci-fi fan favorite back as planned, tickets are on sale now. Check out the announcement for yourself, below.

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For just $5 per adult, and $3 per child, Alita: Battle Angel will be available at participating Cinemark locations starting October 30th, as planned. Though you shouldn’t stand by in the wake of this news, as the fan demanded return to screens is only going to last so long. In fact, looking at some of the listings, it feels like this is going to only be going on for the weekend, so October 30th – November 1st is the specific window of time you’ll have to see Doc Ido’s cybergirl kick ass once again.

While they haven’t officially announced their participation yet, there’s a good chance that AMC Theatres might be jumping in on the bandwagon as well. With a page set up for the Alita: Battle Angel re-release, and bearing the October 30th date as well, there’s a good chance fans will have more options come the day of this particular event. This is especially hopeful, as AMC has announced that they feel confident in keeping their theaters open, thanks to the PVOD exclusivity agreement they have with Universal.

If this sort of optimism holds up, there’s a chance that two of the three major theater chains in the U.S. will be open to welcome Alita: Battle Angel fans that want to celebrate. With the huge fan push to re-release Alita in the recent past yielding Cinemark as the first major chain committed to the cause, this news is an encouraging sign that the show might be going on after all. But as always, keep your head on a swivel, and your eyes to CinemaBlend for further developments as they occur.

For now, Alita: Battle Angel will be back in Cinemark theaters on October 30th, for a limited time only. So check your local listings, and grab your tickets for the main event at your leisure. But more importantly, if you don’t feel like heading back to theaters, don’t sweat it. You can still support Alita: Battle Angel through a rental or purchase on physical and digital media, as well as by streaming the movie on MaxGo.

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