Children's Dreams Crushed As Harry Potter's Hogwarts Express Sighting Ruined By Another Train

The Hogwars Express in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)

The Harry Potter franchise has one of the most passionate fanbases in the world, which means many naturally get excited whenever they have the opportunity to experience even a small part of the Wizarding World. One of the most recognizable elements in the franchise is the famous Hogwarts Express, and fans were eager to spot it when it recently passed through a station in Scotland. Unfortunately, a particular group of fans experienced some serious disappointment, as their view of the train was ruined by another locomotive.

Train spotter and Harry Potter fan Ross Gilmour recently took his partner and two youngest children to Drumry Station, located in the town of Clydebank in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland. He and his family were more than ready to see the train pass through the station but, as it approached, their view was completely blocked by a train coming from the opposite direction. And by the time that train cleared out, the Hogwarts Express was already well on its way past the station. Gilmour recorded the entire situation, so you can check out the dream-crushing moment for yourself:

I don’t know about any of you but, had I travelled to a station to get a brief glimpse at a train only to have my view blocked, I would be disappointed. But Gilmour seems to be taking the situation in stride by finding the humor in it, which is honestly hard to deny.

The Hogwarts Express is one of the most recognizable steam engines of all time (even giving Thomas the Tank Engine a run for his money). Interestingly, the locomotive model used for the train was set to be scrapped before it got on Warner Bros.’ radar for the Harry Potter films. So the train itself owes a lot to the franchise.

But in turn, the train itself has been a lifesaver, as it once came to a family’s rescue in Scotland. A few years ago, a family of six found themselves in trouble while canoeing. The group was washed away but was luckily situated near a railway station. They then phoned the police who arranged for a train to come and retrieve them. Yet they had no idea said train would be none other than the Hogwarts Express.

Catching the actual train in motion can be difficult, especially for those in the states, though it’s not impossible. A version of the engine can be seen at Universal Studios’ The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and fans seem to be pretty content with that.

Ross Gilmour’s family and the other fans on that side of the platform may still be a little sad about not getting to see the train, but they still have a memory that they can hold on to forever. And who’s to say they won’t get another chance to see the iconic engine?

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