After We Collided Star Josephine Langford Is A Massive Star Wars Fan, So Sign Her Up

The After series was born on the mobile story sharing platform and home to loads of fan fiction and wholly original stories before it became a breakout film series. Back in 2013, author Anna Todd penned the romance between Hardin and Tessa after finding inspiration from Harry Styles of One Direction. The best-selling book series has since morphed into something much bigger than her pop star muse, but it goes to show that vision can come from anywhere.

When speaking to the leading stars of After We Collided, the highly-anticipated sequel to last year’s After, CinemaBlend asked Josephine Langford what segment from pop culture she geeks about in her own life. Here’s how she answered:

Star Wars. Yeah, I cried – I still cry if I watch The Force Awakens trailer. You know, midnight premiere, walking up the streets with my friend with lightsabers and all the cars that would pass, we would just (whooshing noises).

Josephine Langford is not kidding, she’s obviously really into a galaxy far, far away, so of course we love her even more now. The Force Awakens trailer is a seminal moment for Star Wars fans, because it marked the return of the franchise after a decade-long dry period. Between the mention of the trailer and her anecdote about the midnight premiere, we can pick her out immediately. Sounds like a true fan.

When we took the fantasy fan fiction talk further, Josephine Langford said she’d love to play a “new” character specifically. She’s earned her fan badge already, so why not give her a role in the ever-expanding Star Wars universe. She totally has a lil connection too. Langford is the younger sister of Katherine Langford of Netflix’s Cursed and Rian Johnson’s Knives Out. As we know, Johnson also directed The Last Jedi back in 2017. Hey, the connection is a lot closer than most get!

Josephine Langford will be tied up in the near future with the next two installments of the After series After We Fell and After Ever Happy, following the storylines of the third and fourth books in the book franchise. The latter will likely wrap up the movie series, since that’s where the books end things. There is a fifth prequel novel called Before, which tells the story of Hardin before he meets Tessa.

Langford certainly has an exciting career ahead of her once the After series wraps and we’re excited to see it expand further past her romantic character alongside Hero Fiennes Tiffin. After We Collided furthers the steamy romance of Tessa and Hardin and it’s currently available to rent or buy on PVOD. Check out what other movies are rounding out the year with CinemaBlend’s list of 2020 movie releases.

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