The Craft: Legacy Cast On Which Lines Could End Up Becoming Fan Favorites

Lovie Simone in The Craft: Legacy

Spoilers ahead for The Craft: Legacy!

Cult movies have a unique life in the pop culture history. Because while they might not have been box office draws initially, they become more beloved as time goes on. Andrew Fleming's 1996 classic The Craft is certainly one of those projects, with an iconic soundtrack, styling, and countless quotable lines of dialogue. And now the cast and director of The Craft: Legacy has offered which lines they believe will resonate with audiences.

Zoe Lister-Jones' The Craft: Legacy was expected to have a theatrical release, but instead arrived straight to homes in time for Halloween. This sequel told a wholly unique story, while also containing plenty of homages and nods to the beloved original. Lister-Jones also penned the movie's screenplay, which contains its own share of quotable lines. And when I asked the director and cast which stood out in the above video, they had some solid choices.

Ahead of The Craft: Legacy's release, I was able to speak with the director and starring cast about their work on the new teen witch movie. The first line that stuck out to Zoe Lister-Jones herself was "trans girls got our own magic", which was uttered by Zoey Luna's Lourdes about half way through the movie's runtime. Lourdes' identity as a transgender woman witch was only one aspect of the character's personality, and this line in particular was subtle in its power in regards to onscreen representation.

As for the opinion of the coven of witches themselves, actress Gideon Adlon chose the line "Mother friggin' reckoning." This line was spoken as the witches came into their power, and saw what they were truly capable of. And as for Tabby actress Lovie Simone, it was when her character had an A+ reference to Beyonce. Because when originally stating she doesn't like Beyonce, the young witch follows up with "I LOVE Beyonce." Same, though.

Actor Nicholas Galitzine plays bully/love spell victim Timmy in The Craft: Legacy, and his character has quite the unexpected arc. Because after a spell is put on him by the coven, he suddenly becomes a social justice advocate, and eventually comes out as bisexual. Galitzine's favorite line in the new movie is when the witches refer to him as "woke Timmy" at a party, a line that is perfectly contemporary. In fact, X-Files legend David Duchovny was similarly tickled by the woke Timmy line.

Hardcore fans of the original Craft movie will also be delighted to hear that the most iconic line of all is used in Legacy. Namely, "we are the weirdos, mister." And while we saw this in the movie's trailer, its' actually used in much different context in the actual film. Namely, during the final battle sequence.

The Craft: Legacy is currently available via video on demand. In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next movie experience.

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