Happy Early ‘Holiday’: Back To The Future's Michael J. Fox Is Back As Marty McFly Thanks To Lil Nas X

Halloween is behind us and Thanksgiving is coming up fast, but even in a year where we know holidays are going to be strange, you can't stop Christmas. Lil Nas X, the superstar behind the mega-hit "Old Town Road," has released a little teaser for his new song, a holiday-themed tune called, appropriately enough, "Holiday" but the real gift for movie fans may be the fact that the teaser is something of a nod to the Back to the Future franchise and even includes a cameo by Michael J. Fox.

The brief teaser is less than a minute long, but it sets up what we can expect when the full video for Holiday arrives on November 13. It opens as a follow-up to "Old Town Road" as it sees Lil Nas X as a cowboy and the video has a whole old west theme going on. Then, when the singer goes full Santa, in what appears to a reference to another popular family film, it shift into full Back to the Future mode, and we're left with some parting thoughts from the star of the franchise. Check it out.

While it's understandable why we don't see Michael J. Fox that much anymore, the fact that we don't means that each time he is able to appear, it feels special. It's a perfect little cameo moment, where Fox tells Nas to stay away from 2020 in his new time-traveling sleigh, a sentiment I think most all of us can probably agree with.

Whether there is more of Michael J. Fox to see in the full video is unclear. If the upcoming video for "Holiday" is going to keep this Back to the Future theme going throughout, then there may be more opportunity for Fox, and we also have to wonder if there might be other Back to the Future cast cameos planned.

Of course, Back to the Future isn't the only movie being referenced in this music video teaser trailer. Lil Nas X becoming Santa Clause by picking up the hat is a clear reference to Disney's The Santa Clause franchise that starred Tim Allen, so maybe we should prepare ourselves for references to that trilogy as well?

The Christmas song is one of those particular pieces of music that can have an epic impact on a musician's career. If "Holiday" becomes one of those hits that not only is popular this year, but comes back year after year, then Lil Nas X could find himself with a hit that even exceeds "Old Town Road" for its ubiquity in the popular culture. And including some elements of popular film in the music video probably won't hurt either.

We'll be looking forward to November 13 to see the full video and see what both the song and the music video have in store.

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Dirk Libbey
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