How Ben Affleck's Batman Will Change In Zack Snyder's Justice League

Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne

He’s just getting over the Dawn of Justice. Now Batman has to put together an entire Justice League? It’s hard out here for a Caped Crusader, especially one who’s near the end of his lengthy stay as Gotham’s judge, jury and executioner. How do we expect Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) to be in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the four-part series that’s coming to HBO Max in 2021? Will he be much different from what we saw in the theatrical cut?

Hannah Saulic and I have been spending the past few weeks breaking down the main members of the Justice League, discussing the changes that we expect to see when Zack Snyder’s Justice League comes out. And with Batman, there will be a lot. So press play on the video at the top of this story and here all of the speculation regarding the changes we expect to see in The Dark Knight when he swings into Justice League.

There have been a number of conversations about the reasons why the Justice League members will appear so different once Zack Snyder gets his “toys” back. In defense of Joss Whedon, the director who agreed to finish Justice League in 2017 after Snyder had to leave the project, he had to deliver a movie that juggled multiple DC Comics heroes in a two-hour package, slicing Snyder’s four-hour cut in half. This meant that so much footage needed to be on the cutting room floor. And in the process, heroes and their motivations had to be truncated, and altered.

Batman, particularly, took on more… jokes? Yeah, that’s even weird to type out, and yet, it happened. Joss Whedon reportedly was hired on by Warner Bros. to lighten the mood on Zack Snyder’s cut. That meant punching up some of the existing humor, and make it funnier. That works for characters like Flash. It does NOT work for Batman. Batman isn’t funny. This is not Batman.

I do think that we will see Bruce Wayne go through most of the same story beats that were in theatrical cut, only, with more room to breathe. He’s still guilty from his mistrust of Superman (Henry Cavill), and he’s committed to making up to his legacy by recruiting a team which will help protect our planet from incoming threats. This will include trips to see Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) and Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) in person.

Just, you know, with less jokes.

We know that Zack Snyder’s Justice League will be coming to HBO Max in 2021, and will be a four-hour version of the cut that Zack Snyder wanted to bring to theaters in 2017. But we have no idea WHEN it is going to drop on the streaming service. There’s a very real possibility that we’ll get a lot more information on November 17 of this year, as that’s a special day for the RTSC movement, so maybe we get a new trailer and a release date. We shall see.

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