New Justice League Trailer Has Additional Superman, Cyborg Scenes And More

A few weeks back, the trailer that HBO Max published for Zack Snyder’s Justice League (dropped online during DC FanDome), disappeared. Fans freaked out, speculating that this might be an issue regarding the mini-series’ release on the cable streaming service. As it turns out, it was simply a music-rights issue, but Snyder took advantage of the clip being down, and came up with a cool way to bring it back… on a very special day.

The “Release the Snyder Cut” movement views Nov. 17 as a holy day. For starters, it’s the day the theatrical cut came out. But since that day in 2017, the Snyder Cut family has been fighting to restore the true version of Justice League, and a trending event last year opened up HBO Max’s eyes to the potential of the audience. This year, on Nov. 17, Zack Snyder plans to take over his own VERO account to repost the trailer for Justice League, and give insight to every frame. But before that happened, the trailer landed online.

For some odd reason, this restored version of the Justice League trailer is in black and white. Why? It takes away some of the glory of the shots that Zack Snyder has added back in, like the hologram of Superman that’s at the top of this page, or this glorious shot of Darkseid, in all of his glory.


Try to imagine what that shot is going to look like in all of its prime color. Is that from the History Lesson, the moment that Darkseid and his armies come to Earth to retrieve the Motherboxes, only to be met with the full power of all the forces for good that reside on our planet? This would be a magnificent battle between gods, Amazonians, Lanterns and Atlanteans. It’s an anticipated sequence that should be a highlight of the four-part Snyder Cut when it lands on HBO Max.

The next character to receive yet another scene added on to the additional footage is Ray Fisher’s Cyborg, who now qualifies as “all over this new trailer.” A quick rundown of the Cyborg scenes already IN the Justice League trailer include his football days, him at the grave of his mother, and a tragedy in STAR Labs where he’s unable to save his father (Joe Morton). But Zack Snyder, doubling down on the claim that Cyborg is going to be the heart of the Snyder Cut, also shows a heartbreaking shot of the post-injury Victor Stone looking down at kids playing football in the street… something that this cybernetic organism no longer will be able to do.

Ray Fisher is Cyborg

The rest of the trailer plays out as before, with Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) promising that Steppenwolf and Darkseid haven’t faced the League before, and that they are in for the battle of the century. Snyder is expected to be on his VERO page at Noon EST today to break down this new trailer, so circle back to CinemaBlend for our insights.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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