That Chris Hemsworth Trash Talk Video From Pom Klementieff Has A Second Mission: Impossible Connection

Pom Klementieff

There has been a significant lack of superhero movies in 2020. It's been more than a little depressing considering this is the year, more than most, when we really could have used them. Luckily, the actors who play our favorite superheroes have still kept busy. They're out there making other films, and occasionally dropping dis tracks as part of the AGBO Superhero League, that sees several actors who play superheroes in the movies competing against each other in fantasy football and then singing about how they're better at it than anybody else. Most recently, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2's Pom Klementieff dropped what is without question the best video yet, but she didn't do it without some some help, and some of that help was more significant that we thought.

Pom Klementieff is currently on location filming Mission: Impossible 7 and she enlisted her co-stars, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, and Tom Cruise to make cameo appearances in the hilarious video. However, a brief cameo was not where Simon Pegg's assistance ended, as he also co-wrote the song with Klementieff and, even more impressively, directed the video itself.

And to be sure, the video is amazing. It's all shot in black and white with a sort of French new wave feel. It's honestly probably funnier if you don't speak French, as that separation between the lyrics and their meaning adds to the humor of the whole thing.

We've seen Simon Pegg's skills as a writer before to be sure. He co-wrote the Cornetto Trilogy with Edgar Wright. He co-wrote Star Trek Beyond. The fact that the lyrics of Pom Klementieff's song are whip smart is no real shock knowing that Pegg was involved, though it would appear Klementieff' herself is equally impressive with a pen as they wrote the song together. However, even outside of the song and the lyrics, the trash talking music video is just put together better than some of the other entries we've seen in this series, and we can likely chalk that up to Simon Pegg's direction.

So, when are we going to let Simon Pegg direct more? Certainly, these days there probably aren't a lot of opportunities, and the man is going to be busy for the foreseeable future acting in Mission: Impossible 7 and 8 under pandemic safety conditions, so he won't have a lot of time in the near term, but if he'd like to get some more experience directing some television or a movie, he probably has the pull to make that happen, and his video certainly indicates he has the skill.

If this is what Simon Pegg and Pom Klementieff can do when they're together, then it certainly makes one excited for the next two Mission: impossible movies. It's not clear the two will be on the same side, as Klementieff's character is being called a "femme fatale," but no matter. These movies are just looking like they got a lot more fun.

Dirk Libbey
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