Bill Murray's Brother Who Inspired Caddyshack Is Dead At 76

Bill Murray Caddyshack

Bill Murray is one of the foremost comic talents in the history of film, but that might have never been the case had it not been for a ridiculous golf movie called Caddyshack. Murray's performance as Carl Spackler, with his incredibly unique delivery, has to be one of the most imitated of all time, especially on the golf course. But that role, and that movie, may have never happened had it not been for a different member of the Murray family. Bill's brother Ed inspired the film through events in his own life. Unfortunately, yesterday it was announced that Ed Murray had passed away.

In an Instagram post from the William Murray Golf account, the golf apparel company that the Murray brothers own together, Ed Murray was given credit not only for inspiring Caddyshack but also for inspiring the love of the game of golf that all the Murray Brothers now have. Bill Murray is an institution at Pebble Beach Pro-Am, where he delights fans with his antics and his reasonable skill at playing golf.

It’s with the heaviest of hearts that we announce the passing of the legend Ed Murray. Named after the family patriarch, it was Ed who introduced the Murray family to this wonderful game of golf—by way of caddying at Indian Hills Country Club—at the age of 10, no less. (They don’t make ‘em like that anymore.)

Caddyshack is one of those movies that everybody knows, whether or not you've actually seen it. Bill Murray's performance in the film is especially memorable.

Ed Murray became a caddy at the age of 10 and introduced the game to the family. Ed received the Evans Scholarship in 1963, a housing and tuition scholarship given specifically to golf caddies, which allowed Ed to attend Northwestern University. It was this element which helped to inspire the plot of Caddyshack, as the character of Danny Noonan wins a golf tournament for caddies that awards him a scholarship. However, being a Caddie was a part of the lives of all the brothers, and in 2015 all of them were inducted into a Hall of Fame specific to the occupation.

Ed was the recipient of the Evans Scholarship back in 1963, while attending Northwestern University—a scholarship awarded to golf caddies—a family storyline which served as inspiration for the Danny Noonan character in Caddyshack when Brian Doyle-Murray co-wrote that iconic screenplay. Ed and all five Murray brothers are members of the Caddie Hall of Fame, as well—something all the boys take pride in, as this game helped shape their lives.

Ed Murray was 76 and was one of the few members of the Murray family to not give acting a try, though he clearly had the same sense of humor. The cause of death was not revealed.

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