Vin Diesel Is Teasing Good News For Bloodshot After Bad News At The Box Office

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The year 2020 has undoubtedly been a seemingly never-ending line of giant dominos that keep falling and sometimes decimating whatever they land on. One of those dominos has landed right on the head of the box office, turning would-be blockbusters into flops. Bloodshot took one of the first and hardest hits, bringing only a fraction of its expected revenue in from the theaters, even with its comic book ties to pave the way but now Vin Diesel seems to be indicating some good news is on the way.

Despite the less than favorable outcome at the box office, Vin Diesel, who plays Bloodshot’s titular role and Hollywood’s resident badass, took to instagram after almost 9 months since it’s theatrical release to tease some “good news” for the film:

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Vin Diesel’s teaser isn’t the first announcement since its theatrical release. Bloodshot, like other films released during the pandemic, has had to get creative to work toward making a profit and retaining its fanbase. Although understandably unsuccessful in theaters, Bloodshot has had a good run with streaming platforms as one of the first of these films to head to VOD after the pandemic hit. Now, it seems as if there could be good news on the horizon, which makes sense, given a sequel was being bandied about after its VOD success.

In addition, with Bloodshot spread throughout the streaming services paired with its comic book roots, it was able to pick up a few People’s Choice nominations. Despite the fandom’s efforts, there were no wins there, considering critics thoughts on the film were less than favorable. Bad reviews are no match for the love of a fandom, though:

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It seems the release of regular announcements and teasers have fed the pre-existing fandom the necessary nibbles to keep Bloodshot alive and relevant. With that sequel already mentioned and Vin Diesel seemingly confirmed to retain his role, we wonder what else the Bloodshot team has in store for fans. We wouldn’t say no to a sneak peek at the next installment of the franchise - or better yet, a similar film drop showing us the first few minutes that we saw with the first film.

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