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First Nine Minutes Of Bloodshot Available For Free As Vin Diesel Hypes Release

Vin Diesel in Bloodshot

If you're like us here at CinemaBlend, you spend an inordinate amount of your time inside movie theaters. This makes the whole "stay home" thing feel strange when it isn't broken up by at least one trip to the theater in a week. Luckily, while theaters are almost entirely closed, the movies are on their way directly to us, which isn't the same, but it'll do. Yesterday, Vin Diesel's Bloodshot debuted as a rental through most online storefronts, but if you want a little taste, you don't even have to rent it, as the first nine minutes of the film are now available on YouTube.

I suppose we can call this an extended trailer, but if you're not sure you want to spend $20 to rent Bloodshot, you can give the movie's opening a look and decide if it looks like the sort of thing you'd enjoy. Kick back and check out the beginning of the film and see what you think.

It's got action, it's got PG-13 sex, really what more could you possibly ask for?

$20 for a movie rental might feel a bit steep compared to what these sorts of things usually cost, about a quarter of that, but when you think about it, two tickets to any theatrical release are going to run you something in that neighborhood, and so if at least two people are watching the movie, it's worth it. Still, this little tease was probably put out to make people feel a little better about dropping $20 for a movie they won't own, to show that it would be worth it.

Bloodshot was one of the last films to see a normal theatrical release when it dropped a little over a week ago. Everything hit the fan just after the film was released, resulting in theater attendance falling through the floor and the movie opening in second place during one of the worst box office weekends in years. The only way Bloodshot was going to recoup any of the money it cost to make it was to do something drastic. This has resulted in Bloodshot, along with other films like The Hunt and Onward, receiving digital releases almost immediately following the theatrical release

For his part, Vin Diesel, says he's very proud of the film, and he's just glad that, one way or another, people have a chance to see the movie that he's so proud of.

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It's certainly going to be interesting to see just how well the public takes to these early releases. If there is a real interest in them, if people decide they like the watch at home option rather than going to the theater, even after that's an option again, then the coronavirus outbreak may have changed the industry in ways that will be here long after the virus has run its course.

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