A Popular Disneyland Attraction Is Getting An Even Bigger Make Over Than We Thought

Snow White

Just about a year ago Disneyland first announced that one of the park's oldest attractions, a dark ride based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs would be seeing a major upgrade this year. While no date for the refurbishment was announced at the time, one guesses the attraction was supposed to be open for business by now. Unfortunately, 2020 happened and even if Snow White's Scary Adventures was ready for guests, it would still be unavailable, as the park has been closed since March. However, today Disney Parks gave us a look at the new attraction, and some of what we can expect when the ride is ready, and that includes a new name.

While we knew that the Snow White dark ride would be getting upgrading animatronics, projection effects, and whatever else Walt Disney Imagineering had available to bring the ride into the 21st century, it seems that we can expect even more changes when the ride is ready, as the attraction will be called Snow White's Enchanted Wish when it reopens down the road. This would seem to indicate that the new version of the attraction will be a bit less "scary" than previously. Based on the video released by Disney Parks, it will be no less beautiful.

To be clear, it seems unlikely that Snow White's Enchanted Wish will not be entirely without scary moments. At the end of the day, the movie that the attraction is based on has its share of scary moments, but based on the new name, the focus will likely be more on the romance of the story, as the name is designed to make guests think about Snow White's dream, that someday her prince will come.

One thing the attraction will also include, based on this video, is more Snow White. The original version of the attraction actually didn't include Snow White at all, as the idea behind the ride was that guests were supposed to see themselves in the place of the title character. This idea largely didn't work and left guests confused, so when the ride underwent its first major refurbishment in the early 1980s, Snow White was added to the ride. Now, it seems she'll appear even earlier in the attraction, and when she does, she'll be able to dance.

The new Snow White's Enchanted Wish looks lovely. It looks so great that I really wish I could ride it. While the video doesn't give any indication of when the refurbishment could be done, right now it really doesn't matter. The ride could be ready for the public tomorrow and still nobody would be able to check it out because Disneyland is still closed, and at this moment we have no idea when that could change. At this point, it seems more than likely that Snow White's Enchanted Wish will be ready for the public whenever the rest of the park is deemed ready, as that's likely still a few months away at the very least.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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