Chris Pratt And Chris Evans Faced Off In Fantasy Football And Now There's A Clear Best Chris

Chris Pratt As Star Lord In Guardians Of The Galaxy

Vocal pockets of the internet may have spent the past few months arguing about the best and worst celebrity Chris, but apparently, the Chris-es themselves are more than capable of settling the debate on their own. Chris Pratt, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth all entered a fantasy football league together for charity. The Fan Duel presented competition actually pitted Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans against each other in an earlier round with Evans claiming victory. This past week, Evans and Chris Pratt had their turn, and it was Pratt who claimed victory.

After he took it to his Avengers: Endgame co-star, Chris Pratt hit up his Instagram story for a bit of good-natured bragging and to pat himself on the back for overcoming the odds. For him, it wasn't just about beating Evans but also about beating Evans when he started from the worst position. You can check out a portion of his quote below...

It’s a 14-man league. I had the 14th pick. You know how hard that is? I was picked last. It was very traumatic. Anyone who has been picked last knows how that feels… I snuck two very, very close victories off. The most recent against Chris Evans. He beat Chris Hemsworth last week; so, I guess we finally put an end to that debate of who is the better Chris.

The fantasy football league is called the AGBO Superhero League, and it also featured a ton of other famous faces from Tom Holland to Elizabeth Olsen to Anthony Mackie. All of the celebrities picked out a charity to play for, and each wound up receiving a minimum of $30,000 to help the organization. The finals are coming up and will feature Chris Pratt taking on Simu Liu from Marvel’s upcoming Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings. Pratt is playing for Special Olympics Washington. You can see the whole charity list here.

Of course Pratt made it clear his taunting was all in good fun when he later said during the same Instagram story that one of the best Chris-es was “one of them” before bragging he still topped each in body fat and buoyancy. That might be true given how absolutely, positively ripped Evans and Hemsworth are, but Pratt himself is still in damn fine shape compared to almost anyone including himself while he was on Parks and Recreation.

At the end of the day, everyone is entitled to have their own favorite and least favorite Chris, but the great thing is it seems like all of those guys get along really well and spend a lot of time trying to do the right thing for other people. Pratt and Evans have even joined forces to visit sick kids in the hospital together. They all seem to like each other a lot, which is probably why so many Marvel stars came to Pratt’s defense when a small but vocal minority were giving him a hard time a few months ago about allegedly being the worst Chris. So, good for him for scoring a victory over some of his co-stars, and I can’t think of a better cause to help than the Special Olympics.

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