Why Are People Calling Chris Pratt The 'Worst Chris' When Chris Hemsworth Did Basically The Same Thing?

Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth in Marvel's Infinity War

Another weekend, which means another bout of the Internet referring to Chris Pratt as the ‘worst Chris.’ Given there are four major Chris’ in superhero movies and in our collective hive mind (Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine and, of course, Chris Evans) I suppose one had to be the “worst Chris.” However, this weekend, the latest round of calling Chris Pratt “worst Chris” feels a little unfair, given Chris Hemsworth essentially did the same thing.

As slow as 2020 has felt, we have now reached that time of year where some are having conversations about the People’s Choice Awards. Which means that the celebrities who are involved with the crop of movies being nominated often ask people to vote for those movies. This brings me to Chris Pratt, who was nominated for Pixar’s movie Onward, one of the few major theatrical releases this year. Like some of his Hollywood compatriots, he asked people to vote in the People’s Choice Awards… and did so in a humorous manner.

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Two days ago, Chris Hemsworth released a similar Instagram post about the People’s Choice Awards, which was basically to tell fans he loves that they loved Netflix’s Extraction and to please and thank you vote. In his similar post, Chris Pratt tried to take a more humorous bent and joke about the voting coming up before revealing he was really just asking fans to vote for he and Tom Holland’s Pixar flick. Clearly that read as tone deaf to some people who don’t have the same sense of humor as Chris Pratt, but it was also very obviously a joke and included a picture of Onward at the top.

To clarify, I mean no offense to Chris Hemsworth here. (Loved Extraction by the way.) It just feels a little unfair that people are dumping on Chris Pratt because he may be a little bit different than the other Marvel (and DC in Chris Pine’s case) stars who fill out the superhero slate. In fact, it feels like any negative response to this post is mostly due to other reasons some people have expressed in the past for not liking Chris Pratt perhaps including his high-profile divorce, his openness about his religious beliefs and his hunting. I’ve seen complaints about him going shirtless after he got in shape for movies, which Chris Hemsworth has been known to do a time or two also. In the case of the People's Choice Awards, he also asked people to vote for Extraction. He just didn't have a couple sentences in front of it pretending to allude to the upcoming political election.

It’s fine if you don’t like the guy and don’t want to support big budget movies like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 or Jurassic World: Dominion or heck, Onward at the People’s Choice Awards. I’m just saying, within the context of the mysterious case of the People’s Choice Award votes, Chris Pratt was clearly joking. Maybe cut him some slack.

To note, not all “worst Chris, best Chris” conversations end with Chris Pratt at the bottom of the pile. Still, if any Chris’ have skated by in this particular conversation, it would be Chris Evans and Chris Pine. The latter – probably smartly – doesn’t even bother with social media, so I suppose that makes it harder to passively like or dislike him on the Internet; though he's actually confirmed he's reading your tweets. But Chris Evans gets political and asks people to vote in real life. He also recently dealt with a nudity scandal on Instagram. And y’all love him for it.

I suppose I’m just saying, everyone is likable and unlikable in their own ways, so I guess the real question would be turning this idea on its head and asking: Which Chris is your favorite Chris?

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