A Denzel Washington And John David Washington Movie? Christopher Nolan Has A Lot Of Enthusiasm

John David Washington and Denzel Washington with briefcases

Christopher Nolan and John David Washington famously collaborated this year on Tenet, the movie theater release that didn’t ultimately get seen by everyone on the biggest screens in the world given the constrictions of the global health event this year. However, many people who saw Tenet did enjoy what John David Washington did on the big screen, which has prompted people to ask if the newcomer big budget actor could do another collaboration, perhaps with the likes of Christopher Nolan and his famous dad Denzel Washington.

Anyone who watched the final season of Schitt’s Creek this year should know that father-son collaborations can work very well, so perhaps the real question is: Would Christopher Nolan be interested? Thankfully, Extra asked both John David Washington and Nolan about a possibly collaboration with his famous pops. Here’s what they said:

John David Washington: You know [looks at Chris Nolan] if there’s a certain somebody who, uh...Christopher Nolan: It's not the first time I had that question. I say, ‘I want to see that.’ Are you kidding?

The reporter also clarifies he does know that John David Washington actually appeared on-screen with his dad when he was a kid, with the younger Washington appearing in Malcolm X and Devil in a Blue Dress. However, now they are both fully grown movie stars -- and Washington is sporting that well-groomed beard -- the prospect is a whole lot more enticing. That would be particularly true if you were to add in the possibility of Christopher Nolan being the mind behind the movie project.

John David Washington is on a bit of a roll in his career right now. The actor starred in Tenet this year after a run in Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman. He has a movie he filmed during quarantine with other hot name in Hollywood Zendaya coming up. Then, he’ll star opposite Alicia Vikander in Born to be Murdered and has also reportedly commanded a role in David O’ Russell’s next film.

So, he’s busy, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t squeeze in a role with his famous father somewhere. Meanwhile, it at least seems as if he still sees dad Denzel on the regular. Earlier during the pandemic, John David Washington admitted to Samuel L. Jackson that he lived at home for a while during quarantine. If they can live together, I’m guessing they could star in a movie together.

All I can say is, if you want to talk about Christmas gifts, this would be a pretty good one for a lot of fans. I’m just saying! Meanwhile, if you haven’t caught Tenet yet, the movie has officially made the transition from the big screen onto Blu-ray and DVD, so you can catch it any way you’d like.

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