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Schitt’s Creek’s Dan Levy Talks About The Real-Life Impact American Pie Had On His Life

Dan Levy in Schitt's Creek

Certain movies become tethered to the year they were released, with their iconography only growing over the years of nostalgia. As far '90s comedies goes, American Pie was a game changer that became the most popular movie in the world. The raunchy teen movie featured the great Eugene Levy playing Jim's Dad which he'd go on to reprise in various sequels. Schitt's Creek creator/star/writer Dan Levy was a teenager IRL when the movie hit, and recently revealed how American Pie affected him at the time.

Dan Levy has become a household name in his own right thanks to his massively popular comedy series Schitt's Creek. The show recently swept the comedy categories of the Emmys, his father Eugene has been in the public eye for decades. Levy recently opened up about what it was like as a kid when American Pie blew up, saying:

A lot of people came up and asked me if the story was based on my life. My story is way less interesting. I did not have sex with a pie unfortunately.

Sometimes art imitates life. But that wasn't the case with American Pie, as the raunchy comedy didn't bring any of Eugene Levy's real-life experience into the movie. And as Dan Levy has had to clarify various times throughout the years, the infamous pie scene was not something that happened within their household. That's all you, Jason Biggs.

Dan Levy's comments come from his recent appearance on the talk/food show Hot Ones. On the show Levy was tasked with talking about his life and career while eating increasingly spicy chicken wings. And while much of the conversation was focused on his work on Schitt's Creek, the conversation did eventually turn to the subject of American Pie. The movie made a whopping $235.5 million when it was released in theaters, and remains quotable today. But that also means that people think Dan Levy might have had sex with a pie.

Later in his same conversation, Dan Levy addressed Jason Biggs' performance as Jim in the American Pie movies. Biggs is known for being Eugene Levy's onscreen son, years before the Rose family would debut on Schitt's Creek. Levy spoke about this dynamic, saying:

I feel like Jason Biggs did a more successful job at [playing my dad’s son] than I did. I ran into Jason Biggs recently and in a way it feels like every time I see him, he’s a strange, sort of extended member of my family. But I’m very at peace with the fact that Jason did a very good job of playing his son. I think he still prefers Jason to me, let’s be honest.

You can watch Dan Levy's full appearance on Hot Ones below.

In the video Dan Levy is as delightful as usual- a trait that he seem to share with his father Eugene. The father/son combo both took home Emmy Awards for the final season of Schitt's Creek, a first for both of their careers. Indeed, Eugene Levy is primarily known as a movie actor-- including American Pie and the various sequels that followed.

While American Pie wasn't based off Dan Levy's life at home, he was eventually able to bring personal elements to his work on Schitt's Creek. While that didn't include making love to a pie, you can see elements of Eugene and Dan's relationship come out with Johnny and David. We'll just have to see if another American Pie movie comes down the line.

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