Wonder Woman Star Confirms Their Involvement In 1984 Easter Egg

Lucy Davis as Etta Candy in Wonder Woman

The following contains very minor spoilers for Wonder Woman 1984**.**

Wonder Woman 1984 is finally here after months of delay. It's a movie that fans have been looking forward to and whether they watch the movie in theaters or on HBO Max, there will be plenty that fans of the previous Wonder Woman film will enjoy. While the new movie is set decades after the previous one, it still makes a point to let fans know what happened to their favorite characters from that story, including the unforgettable Etta Candy.

Etta Candy was an aid to Chris Pine's Steve Trevor in the first film, and if you were paying attention to the various photos in Diana's apartment in Wonder Woman 1984, you would have seen a photograph of Diana Prince with an elderly Etta. The picture is clearly from decades after the first movie, but still decades in the past based on the clothing Diana is wearing. It seems that the two stayed close for the rest of Etta's life, and Lucy Davis, the actress who played Etta in the first film has now confirmed that it is actually her in that picture.

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It would have been easy, and probably easier, to cast somebody new in the role of an elderly Etta Candy, especially considering that the only purpose of the role was for a photograph that would be on screen for a few seconds. And yet, Lucy Davis was brought back to play the role herself and she posted a picture of the picture for fans who have already seen Wonder Woman 1984. And it's probably not that big a deal for any who haven't seen the film yet. It's an easy moment to miss if you don't know what you're looking for.

It's cool that Lucy Davis was brought back to film this single shot as Etta Candy again. She clearly had a great time reuniting with the Wonder Woman team for the sequel. Fans would have likely loved to see her again, she was a very fun part of the first movie that we honestly didn't get enough of. Unfortunately, there just wasn't much of a way to justify her return giving that the movie takes place some 70 years after the first one. There's only so much magic to go around.

While the Etta Candy cameo is nice, Wonder Woman 1984 on the whole seems to be a bit more divisive a subject for fans. There are certainly those that loved the film, there are also many who have been more critical of it. Box office numbers will obviously be lower than what was once expected and will make it largely impossible the judge the ultimate "success" of the film. Although it's possible that an influx of HBO Max subscriptions domestically, if there was such a thing, could offset the box office numbers in the eyes of Warner Bros. Either way, WB has promised that Wonder Woman 3 is on the way.

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