Bruce Willis Wears Matching Pajamas With Family After Quarantining In Matching Pajamas With Demi Moore

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore side by side

It’s been an interesting quarantine for celebrities far and wide, but one of the most interesting scenarios to be seen has been that of Bruce Willis and his new habit of taking part in the wearing of matching pajamas. Earlier in the year, while in quarantine with ex-wife/Songbird star Demi Moore, Willis got in on this very sort of fun, and it was actually really cute to see. But if you’re really a matching pajama sort of person, you don’t let the Christmas holiday pass without getting geared up with your family; and thanks to Ms. Moore, Bruce Willis was able to do just that with his own family.

Now that Bruce Willis is back with his wife Emma, and their two children, the man that has sparked many a debate on whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie was able to partake in this tradition with his loved ones. In fact, it was Emma that shared the resulting photo on Instagram, along with another beautiful fact that’s connected to this festive happening. As it turns out, Demi Moore was the party responsible for making this picture perfect moment a reality:

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Decked out in matching buffalo check pajamas, which are practically the unofficial uniform of Christmas family photos, the Willis family took a self-timed photo that showed the whole family standing at their own front door. It’s an image that practically brings back the feelings of the recently celebrated yuletide, even though we’re already closer to the dawning of a new year. While it’s not the action hero ready image we’re used to when seeing Bruce Willis on camera, this could be the right cue to start pitching your holiday family comedies his way. That’s not exactly a crazy idea, as Mr. Willis has enjoyed a recent period in his career where he’s experimented with varying roles, both on the big screen and in direct-to-video projects.

Imagine, if you will, a heartfelt Netflix comedy where Bruce Willis and Demi Moore play fictionalized versions of themselves trying to get along at the holidays, or another big family occasion. Hijinks would ensue, with plenty of opportunities for old friends and co-stars to appear in the mix. But in the end, Willis and Moore’s families would learn how to co-exist in harmony, pulling off a scene that looks like this previous scene of matching pajama bliss as its grand finale:

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As we wait for that dream project to make its way into the world, there’s still some exciting options to see either Bruce Willis or Demi Moore in action at a home theater near you. You can currently see Mr. Willis in the sci-fi thriller Breach, or you can watch Ms. Moore survive a near-future pandemic drama in Songbird, as both are currently available to rent on demand. And if you’re ready to look ahead to what’s coming to theaters, the 2021 release schedule is here to welcome you to the party pal, though you’ll have to provide your own matching pajamas.

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